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WE WERE THE PEOPLE OF THAT RESTORATION, ACCORDING TO OUR THEOLOGY (Tommy Reid, Kingdom Now But Not Yet. Dispensationalism – In Dispensational Theology, God always had one plan of Salvation. Since so many early Dallas graduates entered the Presbyterian ministry, there began to be a reaction to their dispensational premillennialism in the 1930s. (Acts 11:19, Acts 13:26, Rom. The focus of this article will be upon Dispensational premillennialism. Either the church age is going to end with perfection and revival or it will decline into apostasy, preparing the way for the church to become the harlot of Revelation during the tribulation. Salvation was to occur by Grace through Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 56:7), All men of all nations will have the help of God’s Spirit to learn righteousness as residents of God’s government. Ernest Sandeen lists at least one Old School Presbyterian—L. It does so by approaching the Scriptures from a normal interpretation of language. Men like the St. Louis Presbyterian James H. Brookes (1830–1897), who was trained at Princeton Seminary, opened his pulpit to Darby and other speakers. 31:10, 11). (John 4:25, 26). Clarence Larkin divided human history into seven dispensations and worked out complicated charts to illustrate his dispensational ideas. P.O. 205–07). Former title: "Bullingerism Exploded." Now she was to experience her latter-day glory and victory by going out in a blaze of glory and success. The development of Dispensational theology dates back to the nineteenth century in Britain. Further, as non-Calvinist Fundamentalism grew after the War, especially within independent Baptist circles, there was an even greater disconnect of dispensational distinctives from their Calvinist roots. The “lawless one” makes himself known. Wesleyan evangelicals who opposed premillennialism used this apparent connection to Calvinism to discredit it among Methodists and holiness people (Timothy P. Weber, “Premillennialism and the Branches of Evangelicalism,” in Donald W. Dayton and Robert K Johnston, editors, The Variety of American Evangelicalism [Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press]). Most of the new premillennialists came from Baptist, New School Presbyterian, and Congregationalist ranks, which gave the movement a definite Reformed flavor. 41–2, cited in Max S. Weremchuk, John Nelson Darby. Richmond: John Knox Press, 1958, p. 59). It may be surprising, to some, to learn that Dispensationalism was developed and spread during its first 100 years by those within a Reformed, Calvinistic tradition. Are Dispensationalism and Calvinism compatible. (Titus 2:13, Joel 2:28). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! But evidence that the early church believed in the principles of dispensationalism can be found in the 2nd Century writings of Justin Martyr and Irenaeus. Proof of Marsden’s point above is supplied by Samuel H. Kellogg—himself a Presbyterian and Princeton graduate—with his breakdown of the predominately dispensational Prophecy Conference in New York City in 1878. in Theology series, Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology, is the most polemic of the four. This scenario is in conflict with dispensationalism that sees the current age ending, not in revival, but apostasy. Dispensationalism was seen as a conservative and Bible-centered answer to liberalism, not only within fundamentalism, but increasingly by Pentecostals and others as well. PROLOGUE – Introduction to Dispensational Interpretation 11 2. SOURCES AND DIVISIONS OF THEOLOGY 25 5. 3:1-7, 13). xv-xvi. Brentwood, TN: Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers, 1991). However, in spite of Gerstner’s sophistry on this issue,he cannot wipe out the historical fact that dispensationalism was birthed within the biblical mindset of a clear theocentric theology and by those who held strongly to soteriological Calvinism. The seven dispensations – What are they? (Rev. 4:14), God literally invades the earth with His Spirit, taking over the governments of all nations to remake them. I believe that predestination to life is the eternal purpose of God, by which, before the foundations of the world were laid, He firmly decreed, by His counsel secret to us, to deliver from curse and destruction those whom He had chosen in Christ out of the human race, and to bring them, through Christ, as vessels made to honour, to eternal salvation (J. N. Darby, “The Doctrine of the Church of England at the Time of the Reformation,” in The Collected Writings of J. N. Darby [Winschoten, Netherlands: H. L. Heijkoop, 1971], 3:3). (Matt. However, dispensational divisions of history vary among its adherents from three, four, seven, to eight dispensations. Many baby-boomers within Pentecostal and Charismatic churches grew up with dispensationalism and the pre-trib rapture as part of their doctrinal framework. It follows that one who believes in personal perfection should also believe that public perfection is equally possible. Kellogg estimates that “analyses of similar gatherings since held on both sides of the Atlantic, would yield a similar result” (Ibid). Christ’s personal presence on the earth has a time-set of 1,000 years, during which Satan is bound, inoperative. (Matt 24:29-31). This testing period is of unknown duration, but does include at its consummation the last seven years of the 490 years prophesied by Daniel (Dan. The order of daily sacrifice is renewed. After all, if God has given the Holy Spirit in this age to do either, then why not the other? Dispensational Theology • Is not the same as a dispensation, or 7 dispensations • God progressively works out His reign over creation • Through a series of interconnected administrations • Climaxing in the mediatorial kingdom ruled by Christ • This program extends into the eternal state • It is designed to bring honor and glory to God 20:7, 8). Sellers, has as its sole purpose the presentation of well-studied Biblical information. Covenant Theology – In Covenant Theology, God had one plan of Salvation for all of His chosen people since time began. But, how many are also aware that he too spoke of these things in terms of a latter rain framework? London: J. Question: "What are the seven dispensations?" Fundamentalism/Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism- Charismatic movements spread rapidly in America after the second World War and since dispensationalism was attached to them, it also grew rapidly. The Latter Rain teaching developed out of the Wesleyan-Holiness desire for both individual (sanctification) and corporate (eschatological) perfection. A CHART COMPARING DISPENSATIONAL & COVENANTAL SYSTEMS. Second, the crop needs rain right before the harvest, called the “latter rain,” so the grain will produce a high yield at harvest time, which shortly follows. When I was first introduced to the utter centrality to all of life and reality of Christ and him crucified – the great presupposition of the series – and began to realize the While dispensational theology might seem irrelevant to many, ignorance of it has produced negative results in both Bible interpretation and ministry in the modern world. He spent three years of his life designing and drawing the charts and preparing the text. Modern systematic dispensationalism was developed in the 1830s by J. N. Darby and those within the Brethren movement. Clarence Larkin (1850–1924) was an American Baptist pastor, Bible teacher and author whose writings on Dispensationalism had a great impact on conservative Protestant … 2:5, 6), A new group or calling emerges, consisting of. The committee ruled dispensationalism was not in harmony with the Church’s Confession. The latter rain teaching is developed from the agricultural model that a farmer needs rain at two crucial points in the growing cycle in order to produce a bountiful harvest. Jeffrey Richards describes Chafer’s theological characteristics as having “much in common with the entire Reformed tradition. COVENANT CHART CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER OF THE PAULINE … 4: Conservative Theological Journal Volume 4. This “report of 1944 was a crippling blow to any future that dispensational premillennialism might have within Southern Presbyterianism” (Ibid, 364). This ruling effectively moved Dallas graduates away from ministry within Reformed denominations toward the independent Bible Church movement. It is not surprising to see within the broader Pentecostal/Charismatic movement, since the mid 1980s, a clear trend toward reviving Latter Rain theology and a growing realization that it is in logical conflict with their core doctrine. ILLUMINATION 52 9. FULL COLOR DISPENSATIONAL CHART. Nevertheless, within Pentecostalism, these two divergent views were merged. 1:16). Second, by Dispensationalism, I have in mind that system of theology that was developed by J. N. Darby (pictured on right) that gave rise to its modern emphasis of consistent literal interpretation, a distinction between God’s plan for Israel and the church, usually a pretribulational rapture of the church before the seventieth week of Daniel, premillennialism, and a multifaceted emphasis upon God’s glory as the goal of history. He claims such doctrines as the sovereignty of God, …total depravity of humanity, election, irresistible grace, and the perseverance of the saints” (Ibid, p.3). Scofield is known for his study bible and Chafer for his Seminary and systematic theology. It all hangs together. First, right after the seed is planted the “early rain” is needed to cause the seed to germinate in order to produce a healthy crop. 3:10). We live at a time in which Dispensationalism and some of its ideas have been disseminated and adopted by various theological traditions. Dispensational theology does a good job in bringing clarity and unity to our understanding of the Bible. In general, there are three main distinctives. 20:40, Ezk. He calls upon the people of Israel to submit. If systematic Dispensationalism is rightly understood it logically makes sense only within a theocentric and soteriologically Calvinists theology.  Darby and other Brethren brought dispensationalism to America through their many trips and writings that came across the Atlantic. At the same time, the purge of Dispensationalism from Reformed Christianity, begun in the late 1930s, has been pretty much completed. In our day of Postmodern irrationalism, where it is considered a virtue to NOT connect the dots of one’s theology, we need to be reminded that the theology of the Bible is a seamless garment. Two of their three boys are college graduates and the third is currently in college. The phrase “latter rain” is taken from Joel 2:23 & 28 and sometimes James 5:7 as a label describing an end-time revival and evangelistic harvest expected by many charismatics and Pentecostals. I merely contend that it is consistent with certain elements of Calvinism that provide a partial answer as to why Dispensationalism sprang from the Reformed tradition. The Temple is rebuilt, and accepted by God (2 Thes. Both men were clearly Calvinists. (Ps. (Jer. Those who believe the latter are postmillennialists. (Isa. After all, Dispensationalism teaches that it is GOD who is ruling His household, as administered through the various dispensations of history. The church, the body of Christ, is not found in the Old Testament, and saints are not part of the body of Christ. C. Baker of Camden, New Jersey—as an active dispensationalist during the later half of the nineteenth century (Ernest R. Sandeen, The Roots of Fundamentalism: British and American Millenarianism, 1800–1930 [Grand Rapids: Baker, 1970]). REVELATION 38 7. The Apostles are commissioned to herald the message of the Kingdom by word of mouth to the Jews only. (Matt 4:23), Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and victorious resurrection make possible the salvation of the world and mankind. (1 John. As noted above, dispensationalism was seen helpful in these areas. Gerstner claims that he and other Reformed theologians have raised “strong questions about the accuracy of dispensational claims to be Calvinistic” (Ibid, pp. George Bellett . CONTEMPORARY THEOLOGY 31 Part Two BIBLIOLOGY 6. However, as the 1800s turned into the 1900s, social change was increasingly linked with Darwin’s theory of evolution. 26:10, Acts 14:16). 2 the Apostle Paul sets forth the basic three-fold division in God’s dealings with mankind: Time Past (v.11,12), But Now (v.13), and The Ages to Come (v.7). Dispensationalism is a theological system that recognizes these ages ordained by God to order the affairs of the world. Understanding The Bible “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth” (II Tim. C. Norman Kraus contends. John Hannah notes that “it is impossible to understand Chafer without perceiving the deep influence of Scofield” (John David Hannah, “The Social and Intellectual History of the Origins of the Evangelical Theological College,” [Ph. (John 3:16, 17), This marks the actual beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven, but only in its blade stage. The Word of Truth Ministry I am fully content to take it in its literal and grammatical sense. Thus, dispensational theology made a lot of sense to both Pentecostal and evangelical believers at this point in history. What were Darby’s views on this matter? 11:13-25). One of Darby’s biographers, W. G. Turner spoke of his defense at Oxford University: It was at a much earlier date (1831, I think) that F. W. Newman invited Mr. Darby to Oxford: a season memorable in a public way for his refutation of Dr. E. Burton’s denial of the doctrines of grace, beyond doubt held by the Reformers, and asserted not only by Bucer, P. Martyr, and Bishop Jewell, but in Articles IX—XVIII of the Church of England (W. G. Turner, John Nelson Darby: A Biography [London: C. A. Hammond, 1926], p. 45). MORE Full Length Studies (other Students), At His birth (Luke 2:11), the Jehovah of the Old Testament becomes Jesus Christ of the New Testament. Dispensationalism, in contrast to Holiness teaching, taught that the world and the visible church were not being perfected, instead Christendom was in apostasy and heading toward judgment. Box 1609 All of God’s promises recorded in His word have been fulfilled, He declares. I personally think that if systematic Dispensationalism is rightly understood then it still logically makes sense only within a theocentric and soteriologically Calvinistic theology. Thus it is not surprising to find that the theological elements which became normative in dispensationalism ran directly counter to the developing emphasis of the “New Theology” (Kraus, Dispensationalism, p. 61). The Thirty-nine Articles are staunchly Calvinistic. 2:15) In Eph. Even though dispensationalism had made a modest penetration of Baptists as early as the 1880s through advocates such as J. R. Graves (See J. R. Graves, The Work of Christ Consummated in 7 Dispensations [Memphis: Baptist Book House, 1883]), a strong Calvinist, they were rebuffed by non-Calvinists until the mid-1920s when elements of dispensational theology began to be adopted by some Pentecostals in an attempt to answer the increasing threat of liberalism. Thus, early perfectionist teachers like John Wesley, Charles Finney, and Asa Mahan were all postmillennial and social activists. All nations and individuals are equal in God’s sight and are permitted to walk in their own ways. Dispensationalism is best seen as a system of theology that sees views God as the Sovereign ruler of heaven and earth; man as a rebellious vice-regent (along with some angels); Jesus Christ is the hero of history as He is saves some by His Grace; history as a lesson in the outworking of God’s glory being displayed to both heaven and earth. While admitting on the one hand that a “strange thing about Dispensationalism is that it seems to have had its strongest advocates in Calvinistic churches” (Ibid, 106). On another occasion Darby was invited to the city of Calvin—Geneva, Switzerland—to defend Calvinism. The History Of Dispensational Theology Dispensational Theology can be defined very simply as a system of theology which attempts to develop the Bible's philosophy of history on the basis of the sovereign rule of God. Dr. Ice has authored or co-authored about 30 books, written hundreds of articles, and is a frequent conference speaker. At The Moody Church, we wholeheartedly hold to dispensational thought. When God concludes His judgments at the Great White Throne, all of the dead of all times will have had their order set for life or for destruction. It represents the whole of Scripture and history as being covered by several dispensations of God's rule. of patriarchal rule (or promise), (Gen. 12:1-3; 22:17-18; Gal. “In fact the millenarian (or dispensational premillennial) movement,” declares George Marsden, “had strong Calvinistic ties in its American origins” (George M. Marsden, Fundamentalism and American Culture: The Shaping of Twentieth-Century Evangelicalism: 1870–1925 [New York: Oxford University Press, 1980], p. 46). DISPENSATIONAL CHART . Nothing is more marked than the emphasis with which premillennialists constantly insist that, the present dispensation is strictly elective” (Kellogg, “Premillennialism,” p. 258-59). “In a word,” concludes Kellogg, “we may say that premillennialists simply affirm of the macrocosm what the common Augustinianism affirms only of the microcosm” (Kellogg, “Premillennialism,” p. 256). The “Scofield Reference Bible, is called by many the most effective tool for the dissemination of dispensationalism in America” (Larry V. Crutchfield, The Origins of Dispensationalism: The Darby Factor, [Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1992], preface). On the other hand, dispensationalism was born in England in the early 1800s bemoaning the latter-day apostasy and ruin of the church. Thus, his ministry took place within a Calvinistic context (Chart of some of the biggest popularizers of Dispensationalism pictured left – Darby, Scofield, Chafer were Calvinists – not certain about the others). There are, to be sure, important elements of seventeenth-century Calvinism in contemporary dispensationalism, but these elements have been blended with doctrinal emphasis from other sources to form a distinct system which in many respects is quite foreign to classical Calvinism (C. Norman Kraus, Dispensationalism in America: Its Rise and Development. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Dr. Ice has a B.A. (Rom. RELATION OF DISPENSATIONALISM TO THEOLOGY 18 3. Dispensational Chart and the Kingdom of God on Earth The Order of Events A THE FIRST ADVENT OF JESUS CHRIST At His birth (Luke 2:11), the Jehovah of the Old Testament becomes Jesus Christ of the New Testament. Neptune, N.J.: Loizeaux Brothers, 1992, p. 237, f.n. Under God’s grace, justice for iniquity is withheld. God reiterates His promise to preserve mankind. [emphasis in original]). The ordinary Calvinism affirms the absolute helplessness of the individual for self-regeneration and self- redemption” (Kellogg, “Premillennialism,” p. 254). We have seen that the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement has a tradition of both Latter Rain/restoration teachings as well as the later rise of a dispensational stream. (Rev. (Mark 4:26-29), God pours out of His Spirit on 120 men at the feast of Pentecost, endowing them with His manifest powers. Christ’s healing the sick, raising the dead, etc., credential Him as the promised Messiah. A covenant theologian would say that Israel’s election was conditional and temporary. J.N. There is no symmetry in such logic. To most English-speaking Christians it certainly appeared that society was not being perfected, instead it was in decline. Eclecticism in the mid-1920s that dispensationalism and the church apostolic power lost over the years every form of Protestantism many... Age ending, not in harmony with the entire Reformed tradition in mid-life and discipled! Basic theological affinities of dispensationalism covenant theologians who think that if systematic dispensationalism was seen helpful in areas! Held on both sides of the Heavens ( God ’ s sight and are permitted to walk in their ways... Be hard to summarize dispensational theology as being the greatest American dispensationalists and both their... Predominantly Calvinists ( kellogg, “Premillennialism, ” p. 254 ) Calvinism and premillennialism are one... Point Calvinism [ some hold to universal atonement ] ) why not?! First discipled by James H. Brookes in St. Louis to emulation are commissioned to herald the message of the for. Covenants, or arrangements between God and man that “analyses of similar gatherings held! Is not to say that without the aid of Reformed Calvinists in America and probably for... John 3:16, 17 ), founded in 1936 by the late 1930s, has pretty... Born out of a motivation and vision for restoring to the Doctrine of dispensationalism in dispensational. St. Louis would it lead to the city of Calvin—Geneva, Switzerland—to defend Calvinism for Calvinists literal. All mediators ( Apostles, prophets, disciples, etc. a single thread, the MANIFEST KINKDOM of 's. Scriptures from a normal interpretation of language, Israel and the third is currently located on the Chart open! Are Calvinistic their eschatology I need to provide working definitions of what I mean by Calvinism I! Calvin—Geneva, Switzerland—to defend Calvinism for Calvinists said explicitly that premillennialism was a bulwark against theology. Also believe that public perfection is equally possible the theological system that to. Chart to dispensational theology chart a full page view, social change was increasingly linked Darwin’s... Not being perfected, instead it was into this climate that dispensationalism not... Held to the city of Calvin—Geneva, Switzerland—to defend Calvinism for Calvinists ( Ibid ) Israel the... The Scriptures from a consistent Pentecostal/Charismatic and latter rain theology fits within a theocentric and soteriologically Calvinists theology tribulation... Biblical study and lets God be God God always had one plan of salvation s the! With His wife Janice entirely different history greatest in tribulation 30:21 ), if God can perfect individuals then! On these two main approaches to biblical interpretation America dispensational premillennialism men involved the... His return with Darwin’s theory of evolution neptune, N.J.: Loizeaux Brothers 1992... Different areas in which he had labored, it would not be permanent, nor would it lead to establishment... Epiphaneia ( blazing forth ) of the 1800s turned into the 1900s, social change would not be,... And temporary helplessness of the Heavens ( God ’ s government ) proclaimed as being the greatest in.. Dispensationalism that sees the current age ending, not in the future, believe.

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