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The tea's name literally translates to "precious eyebrows" because the leaves dry in a perfect arch. Taste profile: Has a plum-like flavor, light tangy sweetness and astringent. Revitalizing "chun mee" tea is one of the most famous green teas in China. It is rich in amino acid and is best for people who want to avoid the bitter taste of catechin and caffeine in green tea. lightgreen . This famous green tea has a bright, clean taste and is known as "precious eyebrow" tea due to the distinctive eyebrow-like shape of its leaves. & contain approximately 200 servings of tea Green tea contains Caffeine that occurs naturally in the tea plant Origin: China Chun Mee (Precious Eyebrow): Rolled into an eyebrow shape. Caffeine content may vary depending on the plant varietal, processing, and brewing methods. Mellow smokiness leads to plum tasting notes. Chun Mee Green Tea (also known as “Precious Eyebrow Tea”) is a type of Chinese Green Tea from Jiangxi Province. Although green tea typically has less caffeine than black tea, this is not always the case. As chunmee green tea is a green tea it has all the benefits of a green tea, containing polyphenols which have anti-aging properties, prevent many ailments like heart diseases, stroke. 2 tsp | 175° f | 2 mins contains caffeine It is high in antioxidants, which keeps the person looking young and improves the skin. Perhaps most important, though, is the fact they taste great. Simple Loose Leaf - Chunmee Green Tea - Premium Loose Leaf Green Tea (4 oz) - High Caffeine - Bright and Tangy - USA Hand Packaged - 60 Cups Description. Chun mee tends to have a brisk flavor, sour and not very sweet. SKU: N/A Categories: Chinese Tea, Green Tea, Medium Caffeine Tea Tags: Afternoon Tea, Green Tea, Hawaii Gift, Hawaii Loose Green Tea, ... Chun Mee tea is also known as the eyebrow tea, it gets its name from the curve of the processed leaf. The leaves are hand-rolled in a traditional fashion and pan-fired. Chun Mee, also known as precious eyebrow tea, is a very popular Chinese green tea. Chun Mee is a popular tea both inside and outside of China and has a dusty appearance when brewed. The high caffeine content keeps the chunmee green tea drinker alert. Our organic blend of this tea tastes slightly smokey with a just-baked flavor. CAFFEINE LEVEL 20 CT. 3 . It was thought to resemble the eyebrow of a woman. Its nickname, as strange as it might seem, refers to the shape of its leaves, which, according to some, look like eyebrows. Organic, fair trade green tea from Jiangxi Province, China. organic, fair trade green tea from jiangxi province, china. this famous green tea has a bright, clean taste and is known as "precious eyebrow” tea due to the distinct eyebrow-like shape of its leaves. Translated to precious eyebrows, this green tea is full flavoured with fruity tones and aftertaste. Ingredients: Organic Green tea Foil lined resealable pouch keeps tea fresh Our bulk loose leaf tea packages weigh 1 lb (16 oz.) Ingredients: Green Tea Leaves Caffeine Level: Low Brewing Instructions: 2 tsp | 8 oz | 175° f | 2 mins When brewed, this infusion offers a brisk, well-balanced flavour with bittersweet notes. Chun Mee is translated as “precious eyebrow” due to the shape of the leaves being reminiscent of an eyebrow. Ingredients: Organic green tea. Chun mee(珍眉), also spelled zhen mei or sometimes chun mei, meaning precious eyebrows, is a style of Chinese green tea.Chun mee is the highest grade of young hyson green tea, but still tends to be relative inexpensive. Fruity, somewhat plum-like flavor. medium caffeine content To create the shape of the tea for a Chun Mee tea, leaves are hand plucked and processed immediately to stop the oxidation process by withering and then steaming to maintain a green leaf.

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