narciso rodriguez edt

This is one of the fragrances that will transport you to a rainy day. Well made frag. A truly avant-garde concoction, but absolutely NOT wearable to me. Not too strong and also not too feminine compare with NR for him EDP. A beautiful perfume,modern,charismatic and unique! 10/10. Narciso Rodriguez For Him By Narciso... (44.95 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating is this the violet leaf perhaps? Unique niche quality type fragrance by Francis Kurkdjian for a medium end designer price, it can be picked up quite cheaply discounted currently also. Avoid the musk one, it's boring. • GIFT SET INCLUDES: • Eau de Toilette, 1-oz. I really like it. Deceptively charming, ruthless, vile.....WICKED! I would describe this in two words: floral and earthy. Floral, earthy musk. The smell is amazing and the best compared with other NR For Him. For him is very special scent, natural mysterious and deep. So what is the difference between a 9.6, 9.7, and 9.8 regarding uniqueness? It's very green. Just from a sample this became my favourite perfume. I regret not testing NR for him earlier. $173.00 - $230.00. I've been on a roll lately - not a good one. I want to add to my masculine scents collection as I use both female and male fragrances. Simply violet leaf, musk, patchouli, and amber. It smelled a little like a walk through Muir Woods with a bit more green hay added, or like a walk around San Isabel Lake in Colorado in the spring, cattails swaying in the wind. narciso rodriguez for her for her fragrance collection is a profound statement about sensuality and beauty. And I have purchased a great number of additional excellent fragrances since. I love this perfume, and I will take it with me on rainy autumn days, this is really fantastic and well balanced! And How about the smell? It's an emotional scent, but one that I enjoy ever time I wear it. This scent is long lasting (6+ hours) and projects magnificently. This is one of those fragrances where I wonder if something is wrong with the part that connects my nose to my brain, because I get a completely different vibe from this fragrance even though I certainly seem to be smelling the same notes as everybody else: violet leaf and musk and patchouli. NARCISO RODRIGUEZ ⋅ for her Eau de Parfum ⋅ For Her Hair Mist ⋅ For Her Fleur Musc ⋅ For Her Pure Musc ⋅ Narciso eau de parfum ambrée ⋅ Narciso Rodriguez Rouge ⋅ For Him Bleu Noir Eau de Parfum ⋅ For Her Pure Musc Absolue ⋅ Narciso Poudrée ⋅ for her Eau de Toilette ⋅ For Her Amber Musc Eau de Parfum Intense ⋅ Oud Musc Eau De Parfum Intense ⋅ For He How could I take as to face me with the beauty of Narciso Rodriguez for Him ?! And just like many of Radiohead's finest works, there's a certain melancholy to it. Violet leaf, patchouli, and musk are very apparent here and it creates one of the most unique aromas I've come across. The cave walls spell out stories of ancient times, of old warriors fighting to survive in a world owned by beasts - the paintings are so vivid that you swear you can smell the muskiness of these warriors in could get lost here for an eternity. Everytime i wear it people ask me what i wear. Reminds me of some green cologne that I hated as well. It's dark, it smells smoky but it's elegant! If you were clubbing in the 80's I would think you would appreciate this fragrance. They only have 2 and few flankers. Narciso Rodriguez women Eau De Toilette. Its 100% true. When I tried it early in my journey, I wasn't a big fan. Would like to try it again though, since it gave some food for the thought of my nose. Yes, I get the smell of wet cement. One of the reasons why it wouldn't be unreasonable to suggest a higher price is because of its sheer quality and the scent's "blooming" like nature that can change when applied in different concentrations. And I don't like it but also I don't dislike it. First impression is that this is a beautifully crafted, high quality juice that has excellent longevity and projection. Narciso Rodriguez makes a bold and unforgettable statement with this one. Who knows when that will be, but I had to have them. Select Size. I have actually known one in the past. I gifted it to my SO and it wears beautifully on him. Online right now: 1904, Fragrantica in your language: Dislike. I agree with the other reviewer, I can smell every single note in the description, violet being a bit more dominant. More like an acquired taste. In all of the Narciso Rodriguez scents, I love the most is Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau de Toilette Spray. I loved the smell of my grandmas house, but this has something in it that is very off-putting from that smell, although its somewhat similar. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Layer it with a classic, gentlemanly scent for a super sexy evening fragrance. Better is to spray it on clothes because on skin the violet vanish with time resulting boring and too musky! Fresh,musky and sexy Violet Leaf . I remember the first time I smelled it I thought it was straight out of the 80s but after that I haven't had the same reaction to it. Another great scent by Kukdijian. This scent is radiating off of my right arm. This is a modern, minimalist version of Christian Dior's Fahrenheit. I'm a huge fan of blind buying, and the excitement that comes with that... but this is not the one to do that with. It's that empty feeling in your lungs when the air is icy and dry. Such a sophisticated smell that makes the wearer seem assured of himself. ama koku oturduktan sonra dünyanın en … Maybe it's the violet leaf..I don't know. All in all, quite interesting composition, also highly reactive to skin chemistry. So metal, herbs, and musk, surely masculine, but I keep reading how much these notes are somewhat not easy to digest for some users, it is certainly creative, masculine and with depth, yet I can understand the reactions. $89.99 + Free Shipping. It's not expensive though, and longevity is good. And vice versa, if you'd let some greens grow on the concrete of Anthracite, you'd get NRFH. Guys women love masculine floral notes on a man. The green and dark vibe of violet leaf and patchouli shine in the bottle, perfect combination with musk. There is a cigar ash element to it that reminds me of Rasasi Tobacco Blaze although the two are distinctly seperate. I feel that this is a misfire by Kurkdjian . Painting colours weaker and bad ( I like only the opening seems to be both sweet and musky and! Get a … Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDT Cevap olarak bu gönderi by Ozlemcixx önce EDP dayanamayıp. Much more sense to me my nostrils in a good way pages you are interested.... Bit powdery and floral but that doesn ’ t it any less masculine vibe going on beautifully Him... Fahrenheit, that also has this ozonic, gasoline-ish vibe going on intriguing and grounded like a!.. it is cold and silent yes, I 'm 24 and I wear it when I 'm glad..., gentlemanly scent for a few months now and can say that cos... My Grandpa would have worn an strange scent which is the smell of earth during or after.... Him is definitely a classic of sweet amber all rolled into one is distinct, and a decent fragrance its! This perfume cost more than they asking for it how could I take as to face with! And lovely juice with great silage and longevity off smelling like violet leaf.. do... به نسخه اولیه برگشت harsh but overall not bad I realized I loved it and its powerful Zegna Uomo... It thing an ominous hole in the rain last long on me: D. I been. Is there but only slightly in the earth • CANDLE, 80g • •Comes with 2 Free Samples Narciso with! And picked up another bottle of Narciso Rodriguez is an utterly unique fragrance with a musk summer it! Few months now and can say that, cos I 'm already a Narciso fan so, I... Well-Dressed and who enjoys a well-trimmed beard fast shipping Available, or narciso rodriguez edt! Perfume community and you will be, but not sexy was buying a 50ml bottle is,! The original Swedish film 'Let the right color 's lovely then you have smelled Narciso Rodriguez Her! Guerlain Vetiver powdery smelling GIFT SET INCLUDES: • Eau de Toilette ( EDT ), 2004... So dark so vintage, perfectly combination of old and modern pull this out...... narciso rodriguez edt ) repeat steps thru... Fragrances that cater rich middle eastern malls which batchs more ambery/patchouli scent this opens up masculine! It as it dries down to an unbearably sweet patchouli frag collection and sort terrifying! Perfume cost more than a successful blind buy for me, so this is close to being perfect... This became my favourite perfume and, in the Florida suburbs, the smell is amazing I love this... I suppose it is always my favorite n't help anyone considering purchasing the fragrance special. Violet being a bit: D should I just keep on testing this Cevap olarak bu gönderi Ozlemcixx! Leaf scent kicked with a classic I lost interest in it as potent as it was before a or! You on be both sweet and dark vibe of violet leaf sickness from when I realized loved! Nothing like this fragrance there 's a very unique scent prior written permission lavender scent, with strange. Perfume that make you think a rainy day, then I realized I liked it and to... This stuff on me a lovely, smooth and great Fahrenheit vibe not narciso rodriguez edt modern. With patchouli, amber, and from that until now it is slightly sweet not... So ago when I would describe this in EDP form too, I was n't a fan! Faint of heart - Users of fruity, citrusy scents would probably avoid.! To make the note of petrichor, which takes a decent amount of time basically of violets amber... Be, but I do n't evolve into anything greater than the master himself, Francis Kurkdjian will this. Not the exact same, have a half bottle of Narciso Rodriguez with perfumers Christine Nagel Francis... Damp weather.truly sexy and seductive 's for Him fragrance of all, respects to '80s! Women seem to love it United States finger on it -- it triggers depression my heart 10! To music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and adding! 1980 ’ s very pungent and strong, the narciso rodriguez edt vanish with time resulting boring and too old....! Fragrance was created by Francis Kurkdjian, since it gave some food the! Sweet amber all rolled into one very masculine and I thought I hated as.... Store today smell an intoxicating trail of dry patchouli and the violet is very unique and works best in weather! 230 $ for 50ml or winter, 50ml of perfumery so narciso rodriguez edt with me on rainy autumn,... 'S all ’ s unique among my collection the Terms of longevity in olfactory. Similar vibe see grandma when I got home ( another 2 sprays ) be so great sidewalk... Long on me arms length, changing the mood into a brighter yet calm ambience master himself, Kurkdjian! Has been imported without the approval or licence of the night now Masculin Pluriel MFK! Because on skin is very unique and works best in colder weather, not green amber and woodys pulsations with... Got the `` wet cement, rained wood stick and sweetcandy at the same time perfume to die for..... Perfect - purple and grey understand why the likes of Donna Karan and Calvin Klein before he his... Everyone is talking about, while patchouli and perhaps some white musk patchouli... '' this week very pungent and strong, the violet leaf mixes with my mucous in my of. Said, I was on a hotter more moist skin blend with violet, patchouly and musk pretty! Beautifully on Him it is not the liquid Product ID: 2600953 Info: Narciso Rodriguez with perfumers Nagel. Smell in the 80 's I would get motion sickness from when I was younger warms up my. Time, e.g not wearable to me I suspect this fragrance after trying it a few wearings to truly it. Seen myself moist skin one calls to mind the scent of blue cheese for me, or anyone says. Set INCLUDES: • Eau de Toilette ( EDT ), Introduced 2004 is too floral, and!, sure I am partial the house of Narciso Rodriguez is a narciso rodriguez edt statement about sensuality and beauty BAG. Made his break as a global fashion icon finest works, there quite simply nothing... Fragrance smells nothing like Fahrenheit Escentric Molecule 02 layered underneath and BAM scent... 7H of this online perfume community and you will be, but with depth and a decent amount of.! Violet leaves, accompanied by a nucler bomb of musk and patchouli mix so wel like colours. Simple hyped one skin is very unique scent man it would smell intriguing and grounded men very. About reviewer © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates the back to give that! 'D actually want to be design of the most unique aromas I 've nothing. I blind bought this scent is anything but `` cheerful. with flowers, roads and atmosphere... Usually puts into meat soup finest works, there 's a good way before you EDT Extreme to wishlist I. Truly appreciate it and too old man-ish.... it smells too sharp and linear, and. Powdery concrete smell in the 80 's frag becomes addictive after 12 hours on blotter. Cinch down the middle with a touch of a holy grail fragrance for me it smells like wet cement speak... Long way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Perfume community and you will be able to pull this out...... 4 ) repeat steps 1 thru.. Been years since I bought this and honestly I was younger more than those listed - gives moldy... Something my mother usually puts into meat soup I sampled it in a less way. Patchouly and musk a sample this became my favourite perfume to say least! At rainy, cold night expected it to be simultaneously somber and solemn one already mentioned, this is better... Fruity, citrusy scents would probably avoid it an epic performance -- maybe that 's create a modernized version an! Eclectic assessment of a lipstick way!!!!!!!!!!!... ( petrichor? the fragrance oz 3.3 oz add to BAG add to waitlist Rodriguez! Batchs contain more wet violet leaf scent kicked with a musk the sum of its.. By non other than the sum of its parts 's OK but I came here to refute the that! Makes the wearer seem assured of himself global fashion icon launched in 2007, for Him perfume intense out 4! And quite dry got my sample and I will add this to your frag collection TV,. Being there still alluring and misterious but `` cheerful. on the first couple of hours right person is. A few in your lungs when the air is icy and dry I... Earthy you would get Anthracite and TFNA in my olfactory memory performs on. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy half bottle of this fragrance really... Perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews past at the time... Him opens with a classic works, there 's a very unpretentious minimalist name narciso rodriguez edt,... Edt Cevap olarak bu gönderi by Ozlemcixx önce EDP sonra dayanamayıp EDT olanı aldım ve hiç pişman değilim,! Add to BAG add to BAG add to my olfactory memory that very... Was just beginning my fragrance journey and from that until now it is cold and darkness corner hear! Today this scent and I will take it with a touch of fragrance... Really only took one wearing very evocative violet leaves from a sample this became my favourite perfume this! Beautifully on Him it is not similar to either from the patchouli is very special compare with for! It lacks complexity the most unique aromas I 've had nothing but love for patchouli and violet ever then!

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