shin hye sun

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jul 16 2019 7:57 am She really know how to deliver her lines and make the scene come out the best. Mercy Mar 13 2018 9:26 am Han Yi-jin was confirmed to have joined the cast on December 11, followed by Tae Hang-ho on December 12. Shin hye sun has a lot of potensial in acting skill. It is crazy!! please do another project with park hi-soo. She is an amazing actress south korea you have an exceptional super star on your hands my golden life awsome watched all episodes with translation cant speak korean but beautiful language and people. Fighting! As per Nielsen Korea, Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun-starrer has recorded an average nationwide rating of 9.0 percent for its third episode aired on Saturday, 19 December. love love. You really did a great job, and to be honest, I've watched it 3 times. Jungle_fish Jul 27 2015 9:30 am She has come a long way from Oh My Ghost as the wheel chair bound sister. Guys! Shin Hye Sun one of the finest actress in South Korea, The only Asian actress that I admire in the planet. You're such an excellent actress..I love your attitude tooo❤ ..I wish you the besttttt..Much love from Nigeriaaaa!!!!! I just love this girl. I love her in My Golden Life and love her character as Seo Ji Ahn. I've seen her in other dramas before. Does anyone now what lipstick shes wearing? Hye sun ah, I hope ur success in the future.ur acting is thetop notch one.. love u, japag Aug 01 2016 7:22 am klover Aug 07 2019 5:52 am good chooser of dramas ! Olivia Nov 15 2019 2:51 am shes so gorgeous and a great actress! Picassoboii Jan 29 2018 10:36 am There are many wonderful actors and actresses... Shin Hye-Sun is at the top of any list! 2019/12/31. Presenting a comical transformation as Kim So-yong, Shin Hye Sun faces a quirky role of a Joseon queen whose body hosts a wandering spirit of a man not living in her time. I have to stop watching and write these words to you. i have watch her in some drama.. she is a good actress .. her role in Stranger made me comment here... :). I like her so much! Such a great actress! Good luck, Hye-Sun may you soar like a meteor in the film world and bring us viewers many more great portrayals as an actress! I first saw her in she was pretty which is one of my favourites kdrama. bubblegumphantom May 05 2018 4:39 pm Are we allowed to give a hundred and ninety nine percent? Jherad Sep 10 2017 1:14 am Keep up the good work. Wow! Vic Calma Dec 09 2020 2:39 pm I like her alot. Buy Load, Pay Bills, Send Money and Save with GCash! Although her character isn't a main role, her character and the way she portrayed it, made it seem as if she was a main. Anyway the drama is captivating right in the first episode. Soi Nov 22 2018 1:56 pm Superb acting skills and great dedication to your character, that is all I can say. Loved the timid you in "Five children", love you now into "My Golden life". Every role she's had, which are more than what's listed here, has been excellent. But when I say her in Stranger I so surprised at her acting that I am going to watch My Golden Life for her. I saw you in my golden life you played a strong character and touching and now I see you in Still 17 I really did not know that you could be so funny and share a wonderful chemistry with all your partners, you are an actress full of talent I wish you all the best in each of your projects. Meia Mar 15 2018 3:01 am query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Cheers! Dreamer Nov 27 2017 9:59 am Tatata Aug 24 2018 1:36 pm W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Yes, she is really amazing. if i can give out a 101% rating i would. onnieeee you are the great new drama I think you are 17 years already Hope to watch her again together with Park Shi Hoo in new drama. I am from Sydney Australia. You are so beautiful In Hymn of Death, i really like you acting !! Keep up the good work. Eric Carter Mar 19 2018 8:05 pm She did flawless work in that Drama. Shin Hye-sun becomes royal in new promos for Queen Cheorin by tccolb. Robert Yoon Jul 30 2017 5:34 am So talented!!! 5'8" in height, slim and a pretty face. Uwahhhhh!!! im falling in love in every drama you play ... Josleena May 23 2019 9:42 am My focus must have been elsewhere, but when I watched My Golden Life she just floored me. dizzyMongoose Sep 18 2018 10:04 pm The scene of episode 16 of Forever Young, at 21:48, you cried and smiled at the same time while you pretended to fight with your friends. Sunrise....I know right??? But you were there. After that I totally loved her in Still 17. Ann Aug 10 2017 9:45 am one of my favorite her acting from Five is Enough and My Golden Life is superb. Shin Hye Sun stars in the tvN drama as Kim So Yong, the Joseon queen with the soul of Jang Bong Hwan, a chef who works in the Blue House. I fell in love with her! lmlmlmlm Mar 07 2016 3:51 pm So sweet and cute❤❤, Beng Feb 02 2018 12:25 am Everytime she cries in my golden life, it also made me cryyy.. Who else thinks Ji Soo from BlackPink looks like her? UtopicMelancholy Aug 16 2018 8:09 am Such a good actress. Megumi Jan 28 2016 8:45 am She's made me a fan, and I hope she gets more lead roles. No words. Zia Nov 03 2018 5:53 pm Inspired by Won Bin’s performance in the drama … Waiting to watch 'Hym of Death' and I just finished 'Still 17'. Shin Hye-sun hallo, you are a terrific actress. Qaa Oct 22 2017 6:37 pm She's in She Was Pretty! you should watch her in her current drama "Five Enough" ! All rights reserved. Eliza Mar 23 2018 12:29 am Saw her in Stranger. K-Pop Granthshala Editor-December 26, 2020 0. top excellent award while 2 years ago did not have anything, you really deserve it, one of the most talented Korean actresses I've seen. You're so very talented. I liked her acting as if I was with her at the time.Love you my idol ?♥️. Nov 22 2018 7:25 am Her performances as a violinist, ballet dancer, etc is so good and very natural like it was really her thing. Congratulations love! Limah Mar 23 2018 7:51 am Jung Pil-kyo is a South Korean singer-songwriter. Stuck in Show Hole....Have I got a remedy for you and it will only cost you a little time (or a lot)! JimJ Nov 09 2018 2:25 am SHS, How can you touch my heart like this?[1]=113711; If we could then I would. Best Actress for this years !! Lydia Jan 07 2019 6:28 am Shin Hye-sun follows Five Kids with Legend of the Blue Sea by javabeans. s_ree Dec 16 2017 6:44 pm Miss Shin Hye Sun, Fighting. She is very cute and adorable actress i have ever seen.I really love her acting in "Angle's last mission " and "Still 17". She was that one in oh my ghost ? finally, she got now to have a big role drama... she's great.. and I'm too excited to watch next episodes "My Golden Life". I first saw her in She Was Pretty but she did not really catch my eye there. June Dec 05 2017 10:16 pm Hye Sun is Korea's best at this time. LoneGunMan Oct 09 2017 6:34 pm Darren Pomare Aug 23 2020 2:48 pm Wow Jun 15 2019 4:27 am tncdel Jul 29 2017 12:43 am i never saw someone more natural than SHS when she act.. really. I feel she will go a long way!! You are able to access the very soul of the characters you play and it seems like they are actually you. Her acting in Stranger is so good. Bob Feb 10 2019 2:48 pm Totally deserved the grand prize. It should be a gift. Shin said she is confident the drama will provide a lot of fun and excitement for viewers. very good acting, she really looks very innocent there.. im a fan! I like the innocence you portray in Still 17. I don't know that you cried out of happiness with your true friends, or out of remorse, or out of pain. Remember you got where you are because you are real talent. i thought her character in she was pretty is cute and funny thou not annoying ^^, heropiposh Oct 03 2015 10:15 am Mr. Saroj D Dec 17 2017 6:08 am In Hwang Si Mok's dream. An actress with the same aura as Han Hyo Joo! SHARE THIS. Fighting! She's a very detailed actress. Nowela Mae Alejo Nov 25 2020 4:19 am { I like her acting, she's so talented. The winners of KBS Drama Awards 2019 have been announced at the KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. Vera Raymond Mar 05 2016 2:02 pm Keep up with this good work ! Fighting shin hye sun!!!!!!! Congratulations unnie,you're best?and happy new year 2020, yourlove Jan 02 2020 6:23 am You're are wonderful Shin Hye Sun! Meet Your Home at the Heart of the City: Discovery Suites Manila. Oh my goshhhhhhh PSA: Non-Essential Outbound Travel Allowed Starting Oct 21. fighting i love you fan from thailand, Nj Aug 02 2018 5:57 pm The Legend of the Blue Sea - The Legend Continues, At the Noodle Cart: Korean Edition [September 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [June 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [April 2020], At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [March 2020]. She was also great in she was pretty. On December 24, JTBC released a behind-the-scenes video of episodes 3 and 4 of "Run On". have faith in yourself. [CDATA[ Wow, Seen her in She was pretty and Oh My Ghostess at first and had no idea she was playing the roles of sweet Eun-Hee and funny Han-Sul. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") I believe she is a beautiful person in and out of the camera. along with Seo Hyun Jin ahjj theyre like my to watch for actresses in every drama. R E M I N D E R It has been brought to the staff's attention that some regulars of Shin Hye Sun's thread have been breaking several forum rules. Like you shine on screen your image is so different!! ❤. She is a real talent and gorgeous as well. Your acting so amazing! All the whiles, I had seen her in 'The Legend of Blue Sea', 'Five is Enough' and 'She Was Pretty' as a very humorous actress and have great potential in acting skills. //]]>, //

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