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Since their pent-up energy is released in the gym, children attending karate classes often exhibit better behavior in and out of the classroom. Get them to help you graph out the following: -Which day you’d like to do each exercise -Keep track of the ones most enjoyed -How many times each week you do them etc. BOLD  NONE LISTED YET! Add tennis rackets, badminton rackets, birdies, tennis balls, nets, etc. Cut easel paper in various sports equipment shapes: baseball glove, baseball diamond, tennis racket, tennis shoes, football, baseball cap, football helmet, all different shapes of balls. Charting Exercise Draw a large graph on posterboard, of your children’s favorite exercises. For us, this also correlated with the start of football season, so what better time to kick off a sports theme? Let children try and predict what will happen to each item. You can either scroll down through this page to see each of the Sports Themes or click each link below. A collection of English ESL Sports worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about Home   |   About   |  Contact | Preschool Cubby Member Login. There are over 75 activities on this page. Building a baseball or football stadium using blocks! Materials needed:  tennis balls, sharp knife (for teachers' use only), markers, yarn, craft glue. In front of the children, cut open a basketball to explore what is in it! Materials needed:  many tennis balls, paint, paper. The children trace the circle stencil on their white paper and cut out or they can draw their own large circle shape (remember, it's about the process, don't worry if it's not exactly round!). Place colored paper circles in tins of the muffin tins. NONE LISTED YET! You are commited to planning preschool themes and activities that are engaging hands-on, interactive, fun AND meet the goal of supporting each child’s level of growth and development. Sports Themed Printables and Activities Basket Ball Preschool Counting and Colors Activity with Alphabet Match File Folder Game Football Themed Preschool … You can add your own activities and focus on one sport for an entire week. This is a fun week of open-ended play, watching and playing sports, and exploring how our bodies actually move and work. Even New York's little urbanites love to jump in puddles, make mud pies, climb trees, and dig for worms. Provide several small bins (or place 3 bins into your large sensory table.). All round fitness can greatly help in sports, but what are the best fitness activities for kids? Make two holes near the bottom where the knees would be on their person. Buy small plastic different kinds of balls and put it at the table with colored water, Materials Needed: shaving cream, white paper, paint, pipettes. Also for the cooking they could make soccer ball cookies - make the dough into small balls and put chocolate chips or raisins on them to look like soccer balls. There are enough activities to spend anywhere from one to three weeks on this theme! Let the children guess which type of ball they think it is. When working with kids, it’s important to engage them with fun and challenging fitness activities.These fitness games for kids, developed by ACE CERTIFIED Personal Trainer Anna Renderer, can help them learn how to improve their functional movement patterns, cardiovascular efficiency and balance, all while having a good time. (Pull both hands to chest as if catching a football), Run and don't get tackled, run and don't get tackled. All opinions on this page are mine! Here’s a fun geography activity combining themes from my winter sports unit and my panda unit.It uses the Asia map from Pin It!Maps, the China (panda) and South Korea (2018 Winter Olympics) country and flag pins, a panda from the Safari Ltd. Pandas TOOB, National Geographic Pandas book, and 2018 Winter Games book.. Play a game of pass the football by bringing a real football, a CD Player and a CD to circle time. Done For You Frozen-Inspired Week-long Preschool Theme! (Pretend to shoot a basketball. Your email address will not be published. Swimming, Swimming, In the swimming pool. For parents looking for a classroom that draws its lessons from nature, we've rounded up the city's best preschools, \"forest schools,\" and toddler classes in which kids spend a significant part of each day Make your favorite batch of sugar cookies with the children. My daughter and I do. They trace onto their choice of color and cut out. This needs to be highly supervised! They then use their "person" to kick pom pom soccer balls! Sports are a big part of our society, bringing athletes from around the world together to challenge each other and pursue greatness. The primary goals of sports activity for toddlers and young children should be playfulness, experimentation, exploration, and having fun. The children dip chalk (thin and wide) into the water and then draw on the black paper. Cover with a blanket and remove one item. The following link is a time lapse video from youtube to show what is inside a baseball! Ask why they think some swimmers wear goggles; what are the parts to the goggles (nose piece, head band, lenses). You can either scroll down through this page to see all of the preschool activities for your theme or click the link below to go to specific preschool activity types you are looking for. The link to my Pinterest Board is at the bottom of this page). The children cut out shapes from the colored paper using the scissors. For example, you may add more baseball caps and shirts (borrowed from families) during your Baseball Day or Week. The children place their index finger in one hole and middle finger in another. (Thanks Mellissa for this idea!). Nature provides the perfect classroom for preschool-aged kids. They dip it in the glue in bin 2 and squeeze some of the glue off. Powered by Mai Theme, Alternatives to Parent without as much “No”. .. ), large paper, glue sticks, white glue and glitter (or glitter glue). Show the children different swimming strokes by doing them to the Hokey Pokey! My daughter loves Signing Time and we learn lots of signs in American Sign Language to help facilitate our weekly learning themes. Art activities are another creative area where lessons about fitness … Materials needed:  LONG pieces of paper, watered down paint, bowling balls. Encourage the children to create a pool scene! Jan 25, 2018 - Explore EELC Preschool's board "Sports/Fitness Preschool Theme", followed by 545 people on Pinterest. Catchy Fitness Business Names Accelerate Have children guess which item is missing. Extend this activity by removing the craft sticks and adding numbers to the bottom of each muffin section. At circle time (and other times), you could talk about and compare the different kinds of shoes that each sport used! Mix the paint with a little water (it works better!). See more ideas about Preschool, Olympic theme, Summer preschool. Organize other toddlers and preschoolers to play soccer or another sport together. Fancy diving, too! Use thematic unit studies to engage children in learning. Place the wrapped balloons on wax paper (print child's name near their balloon) to dry. ), t-shirts, sneakers, a basket ball net to practice with! Shop My Store for Workshops, Classroom Resources and More! ), Catch the pass. You could also give them white glue to "paint" over the name and number and sprinkle with glitter! Each child prints his/her name on a craft stick. Click Here to Learn More! Provide different balls and a scale. (Click my Pinterest link at the bottom of this page and check out my Sports Theme for a picture of a tennis ball puppet). This is their baseball bat. Materials needed:  paper in a variety of colors, scissors (the shaped fiskars are great for this! Make or find some animal cards to buy so that you can have animal movement relay races/competitions. Thank you, Rhonda, for this idea:I usually take mini foam balls representing various sports and place them in the sensory bin. You'll find more themes to help you with your planning on my preschool themes page. for shooting practice. The link to my Pinterest page is at the bottom of this page). Ideas for basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, and other sports. 7d. We use cookies & use affiliate links to earn from qualifying purchases. Find over 200 of The Best Preschool Themes and Preschool Lesson Plans, Whether you need ideas for alphabet activities, 100th Day of School. Hey there! Their is a picture of this on my Pinterest Page under Sports Theme. They cut (or rip) pieces of orange tissue paper and place on the circle. Place dots (or draw with a marker) on each glove so that there is one dot on one glove, two on the next and so on until you reach 10 or 12. As I mentioned yesterday, my Ben is quite the sports enthusiast. Seems like oodles of people are teaching little ones based on their interests — how awesome is that! Provide PVC piping for the children to make goalpost shapes with. Take a daily walk each morning or evening. This is great fine motor practice for them! If possible, cut a golf ball in half in advance (or see if a parent who has the power tool to do so to do this for you!). It is more fun if you have the book with you and/or flannel board pieces! Talk about a sport and see if the children are familiar with it, for example football/soccer - do you know hat soccer is? Add bowling balls (10 pin, candle pin and duck pin if you can! The children can sort the tees by color and the balls by color. Suggest different patterns of balls to balance. Enjoy sports theme educational activities for preschool and kindergarten. The children match the ball to the glove. (There is a picture of this on my Pinterest Sports Theme Board. Paint the cross lines on them if they wish when dry. This theme allows preschoolers the opportunity to improve their gross motor skills while learning important information on why physical activity is necessary for bodily growth and development. Place some swimming goggles at your Science Table. Be prepared, they may love this so much that they will want to draw their own designs on paper and paint over it! Swim? Use large black construction paper. Materials needed:  swimming goggles, pre-cut foam oval pieces (for frames of pretend glasses), pipe cleaners (for headband and to connect the two oval eye pieces together). Preschool Fitness Theme Large Group Game To Help Preschoolers Build Their Muscles While They Have Fun Together! Add basketballs, (regular, Nerf, foam, etc. Perfect for Summer Time Fun! Secure to floor using blocks or in a bowl or tube. Great math skills, 1-1 correspondence and eye-hand coordination skills! See how many blocks they can knock over using the ramp and count them! what do the soccer players wear when they play? Give the children a pre-made stencil of a football shape. Have them decorate with icing or whipped topping. Serve with crackers. Educate young children about the advantages of exercise by planning a physical fitness preschool theme! They make their clothes pin into a swimmer and use it to swim on their wave art! Could you think of anything else that you would rather do? On the baseball shapes, print a number on each (1-10 or 12). You might even talk each day about what you are going to learn/have learned and how life-long physical activity benefits us. On the floor in front of you, place football related items (shoulder pad, helmet, ball, jersey, knee pad). Looking for our PRESCHOOL OLYMPICS THEME PAGE? Use the Contact Me button to the left to send me an idea! (There is a picture of this activity on my Sports Theme board on Pinterest. They must FREEZE when the music stops and listen for the new swim stroke to use! Materials needed:  MANY pre-cut pentagon shapes as well as some that need to be cut out for those wanting the practice (be sure to add a variety of colors, not just black); scissors; glue sticks and paper plates. Let dry. Place a few soccer balls at your science table. Introduce them to "Free Swim" ...... the choose their own stroke! Even just kicking the ball around would be a fun way to learn and play. In advance, print and laminate 10-12 glove shapes and 10-12 baseball shapes. They brush over their "waves" using glitter glue or by using glue and then sprinkling glitter on it. The children decorate by using yarn for hair, markers to make lips and eyes, etc. Swimmies? Materials needed:  white play dough, muffin tins, large craft sticks (1 for each child), marker. For growing bodies & inquisitive minds. Whether it’s something big like a professional sport or just a high school game, this is a great way to get your little ones interested in sports and fitness. Some Interest Centers listed are missing activities. Shake the box lid from side to side to make designs. The New York Kids Club is New York's premier children's enrichment center, renowned for creative and innovative kids' classes, day camps, birthday celebrations and special events! In front of the children, cut open a football to explore what is inside! Fitness education art activities. The children kick soft balls (not soccer balls indoors!). When you stop the music, the child holding the football yells "TOUCHDOWN!". Themes for Preschool and Kindergarten, Tons of Pre-K activities and Preschool Topics Add soccer balls, shoes, jerseys, net goal, etc. Click here to learn more! You get the idea! Print letters on the balls or caps using a black marker. The children dip the ball into paint and then press onto the paper. In advance, cut out footballs shapes of different sizes from file folders or other thin but sturdy paper. Provide large bins, laundry baskets, boxes, etc. This will be the mouth of the puppet (when you squeeze the ball from the sides of this slice mark, it opens and closes!). Lift weights together. They stand over bin 4 as they wrap the yarn around the balloon. This Preschool Sports Theme page is filled with preschool activities and ideas for all areas of your classroom. For this theme, I am suggesting the same Dramatic Play idea:  A Sporting Goods Store! The children use the blocks to make a "pool" to swim in or to make "lengths" of the pool for them to swim in! The link to my Pinterest page is at the bottom of this page). Make sports and fitness a mental and physical workout. The link to my Pinterest Page is at the bottom of this page. ), Stop and shoot a basket, stop and shoot a basket. The children pinch and roll play dough into small baseballs. The children use the spoons to "hit" the balls into the tins or to scoop them in! Ideas for a preschool theme week about sports. This preschool theme is so loved because young children love learning new games and they certainly love to move! Suggestion:  If you mix salt (a lot of it!) I am commited to providing you, the preschool teacher, with everything you need to develop preschool lesson plans and preschool activities for your classroom all in one place! Use the Contact Me button to the left to send your idea my way. Let them explore what the balls are made of. Make a soccer net by hanging a sheet on a wall...that is the net area. Before beginning, let's talk about Dramatic Play! ), Touchdown, touchdown (Hold both arms straight up to signal a touchdown.). Ask parents if they can donate a plastic bowling set if they have any. Provide cookie sheets and a variety of colors of play dough. This one was her favorite week to learn the signs for! (Pretend to run. What do they like to do at the pool? They use their "bats" to hit the play dough into the muffin tins! Act out different sports (have the children do this) while the others guess the sport. I KNOW, I know, you spend hours of time developing your preschool themes, activities and preschool lesson plans each week. Make football shapes from the tag board. They glue them onto a large paper using the glue sticks. Farm, Feelings. Homeschooling-ideas talks to Brian Grasso. Article from Shudder at the thought, I know, but face the facts. Be sure to let me know that your idea is for the Preschool Sports Theme! VARIATION:  Use a marker to print numbers on white paper circles inside each compartment of the muffin tins. This is the literal definition of play-based learning with open-ended questions and activities that teach kids about exercise, competition, sportsmanship, and physical education! Do you have one you'd like me to add? Structured play: At least 60 minutes a day, cumulative.This could mean 10 minutes of playing catch; 10 minutes of riding on a scooter or bike; 15 minutes playing with a parachute with classmates and teachers; and a 25-minute swim lesson. Place a few tennis balls at your science table. They use markers or the sides of crayons to color the paper, which will reveal the football shapes! As well-being and exercise is a continuous and lifelong journey, it is imperative to help children learn about the importance of eating right and daily physical fitness at a young age. Encourage them to make each of these items! Choose any book and see if you can get up and make it about movement instead of just sitting and reading. The children find the letters for their name to spell out! Provide a child sized basket ball net for shooting practice. Teach the children how to move their arms for different swimming strokes such as: Now, play music and tell them you will tell them how to "swim" to the other side of the room. Add footballs, Nerf footballs, hackey sacks, etc., cleats, helmets, football jerseys, etc. GREAT! Fitness, Movement, and Sports Theme. Learn more about my eBook Montessori at Home or … Just change it out to reflect more of a focus on the sport you are covering that day or week. Listen to the radio? Ask why they think the item will sink or float. You could also provide football items only and have them weigh them. Do they know any teams? Make your books “come alive” by acting them out. This is just great time to spend together as a family, but also gets you moving. Exercise and Fitness Theme for Preschool. Preschool Sports Theme. and basketballs (regular, Nerf, etc.) I have grouped these incredible fitness names into categories from catchy to cool to clever. Sprinkle or pinch using their fingers, red sprinkles to make the red threads on the balls (or use small pieces of red licorice like Twizzlers thins). Your Fanshop Gear up in sports apparel, jerseys, hats, accessories and more. Provide cups of water instead of cups of paint. They print their name and favorite number. Ask the children what they think is inside a soccer ball. Add water to the sensory table with dolls or small people figures. NY Preschool accredited enrichment programs provide unique and interactive experiences. Learn the signs for different sports. With that said, be sure the children know NOT to go and get the ball after they throw so that they do not get hit by someone throwing the footballs. Have the children try them on. SENSORY General Sports Idea Thank you Nagwan, for this idea! Breast stroke. Working Your Body In advance, make some pictures of different children performing different exercises such as reaching to the sky, touching toes, running in place, etc. Draw black lines on the balls to make them look like basketballs. NONE LISTED YET! Yup, what better way to learn hand/eye control and develop those hand muscles than throwing a ball! Make your own by putting a small amount of sand in the bottom of 1 liter bottles and use different balls to bowl with. All About Me, Apples, Transportation Theme, Beach theme, Fall Theme, Spring themes, Fall Leaves. Being involved in sports, whether on an organized team or just for fun, is such a wonderful way to encourage health and fitness! Add baseballs, baseball caps, t-shirts, bats of different types and sizes, bases, etc. Blend ALL ingredients together with the children. . The children place the plate on the table upside down (the part they typically put food in would be facing the table and they are doing this activity on the bottom of the plate). Materials needed:  Stencils of football shape, pre-cut "cross marks" that are on footballs, scissors, variety of colors of construction paper, markers, glitter, glue. Give the children paper that is about 6 inches tall and 8 inches tall (rectangular). The children then count the correct number of baseballs that they have made into each tin. Turns out there were a LOT to be found. More Activities These are the 250 most catchy fitness business names ever created. Materials needed:  wide rulers, pom poms (variety of colors), corresponding colored paper circles (to fit in muffin tins), muffin tins, marker. into the water when it is warm so it dissolves, when the pictures dry, they will be frosty looking! © Copyright 2010-2020   |   All Rights Reserved   |   Privacy Policy & Disclaimer, You'll find more themes to help you with your planning on my. Fun children's crafts, including printable craft templates, for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids. Make up Bingo cards with 9 spaced on each card (use the back of notebooks or file folders for the cards). (I LOVE Amazon, and if you choose to get yours there, they do send me a few cents--which supports my coffee habit!). Be sure to let the children do all the steps of this project! Give them a pre-cut "cross mark" shape to glue on. Then, place all the balls in and ask if they can pull out the baseball! Place a piece of paper in the box/bin lid. Then ask why they think the item actually sank or floated. But of Course! Needed:  8 ounces cream cheese, 1 stick of softened butter, cups grated/shredded cheddar cheese, 1/2 package of dry onion soup mix. They are great fun for spectators and players. Sep 17, 2018 - Explore Melissa Kelly's board "Preschool sports and fitness" on Pinterest. Paint/color to look like footballs. The children create a soccer field with blocks! You’ll receive a weekly email with planning tips and teaching ideas.You'll also receive (on the 1st of each month) a free theme starter pack with some printables and activity ideas to get you started planning a theme! A Preschool Fitness Theme that includes preschool lesson plans, activities & Interest Learning Center ideas that focus on Exercise for your Preschool Classroom! Use the Contact Me button to the left to send me an idea! I’m Cheryl, a preschool teacher of over 20 years. Click here to learn more! Show the children how to use the scale and then back up and let them have at it! In the first bin, provide long lengths of yarn. Use the Contact Me button to the left to send me an idea! Ask the children what they think is inside a baseball. Ways to use this theme page: You can focus on one sport for a day or two. Add bathing caps, goggles, swimsuits, floaties, pool noodles, towels, etc. The children "bowl" that many pom poms into the tins. Go on a field trip to go bowling if you can! The children trace and cut 2 football shapes. Obviously the ones for your toddlers would be something like half pound ankle weights. Materials needed:  Orange ping pong balls! Preschool Sports and Fitness Instructor. (Hold up two fingers.). This will make some great designs on the paper! Materials needed:  paper, paint, stapler, football shaped stencils, scissors, newspaper. Movement is a life-long activity; therefore it is important to teach our toddlers and preschoolers about sports, fitness, and movement. as well as plastic bowling balls), bowling pins, plastic containers made into pins, bowling shoes (see if you can borrow some from a bowling alley) t-shirts, etc. Materials needed:  ping pong balls, golf balls and other items. Drop some paint (many colors are cool!) Building a baseball or football stadium using blocks! The children can dig tunnels to try and roll the balls on. Ways to use this theme page: You can focus on one sport for a day or two. Known as 'America's Youth Fitness Coach', Brian spends all his time training young athletes, children with disabilities and … (There is a picture of this activity on my Sports Theme board on Pinterest. The children pass (not throw) or toss the ball to the person next to them while the music is playing. Does anyone in their family like soccer etc. Provide rubber ducks and let the children have a duck race! Let me root, root, root for the home team. Ask the children what they think is inside a basketball. For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out, Swing the bat, hit the ball (Pretend to swing a baseball bat. In the third bin, provide inflated, 5" balloons. I KNOW, I know, you spend hours of time developing your preschool themes, activities and preschool lesson plans each week.You are commited to planning preschool themes and activities that are engaging hands-on, interactive, fun AND meet the goal of supporting each child’s level of growth and … Do some stretching together. Materials needed:  Sturdy paper plates (like Chinette brand), red thin markers. Fitness Games for Kids. The children choose 8 pentagons (they should count them out loud) and then glue onto their paper plate. Give each child a small amount to roll into a ball. Glue 9 pictures on each (don't worry, some cards can have the same pictures on them!). Welcome to Preschool Plan It! Take paper outside and let children BOUNCE the ball with paint on them onto the paper! Add many colors of golf balls, golf clubs, golf bags, golf caps, t-shirts, golf tees, flags, etc. The children then balance the balls on the tees. Be sure you make an extra picture for the calling cards! You will find free printable crafts, activities, worksheets and coloring pages with easy to follow lesson plans, and related resources that promote good health and physical fitness. I thought I better get prepared with some preschool sports theme activities. Materials needed:  Golf balls, shallow box/bin lid, watered down paint, paper. Hole punch around the edges as well as in the middle where the cross stitching would be. Set up ramps and provide different sized balls for the children to "bowl" down the ramp. Ask the children what they think is inside a tennis ball. ny preschool Cobble Hill Select a Location 22nd Street 3rd Avenue 67th Street 68th Street 89th Street 91st Street 94th Street Battery Park Brooklyn Heights Chicago - Lincoln Park Cobble Hill Court Square Dumbo Greenwich Village Long Island City Park Slope Sutton Place Tribeca West End Ave Cut one open (either in advance or in front of the children). Suggest colored patterns for the children to repeat. See if a parent has a child version indoor golf game you can borrow! Play tennis using tennis rackets (but not as teams, just to practice hitting balls); using badminton rackets or even by using fly swatters and balloons! This would be a great discussion on getting our muscles healthy and strong. Looking for a theme that's just All About Balls?? VARIATION:  Get a square piece of Styrofoam. For instance, “Who can stand like a flamingo the longest?” (This is fun even if it’s just you and one toddler!). show pictures of jerseys and soccer boots or bring some in to school, Have they even been to a soccer match? Give the children small footballs to use (like hacky sacks!). Materials needed:  lots of golf tees and golf balls and bowls. Spray baseball sized mounds of shaving cream on each child's paper. Take the children and plates outside or to a big room for them to use the plates as frisbees! They staple the football 3/4 of the way around, leaving enough space to stuff. In advance, cut a line into the tennis ball. I'd suggest allowing 2-4 children ONLY at one time. They paint them. Read your favorite story using a tennis ball puppet (see Art activities above)...this will keep their attention on the story as well as encourage them to go and make their own puppet! Materials needed:  LOTS of orange ping pong balls OR you can use orange milk/orange juice plastic caps. For a self correcting game, print the correct number on the back of each glove. After the list of names, I have the 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Fitness Biz, along with some of the Greatest Fitness Slogans of All-Time. Crafts, learning activities, gross motor, fine motor, science, math, picture books, snacks, music, and more! They cut (or rip) black pieces of tissue paper to make the black lines on the basketball. Provide foam/Nerf balls and pool noodles (cut them so they are the proper length for the kids) to use as golf clubs. Have children draw red lines on a curve shape to be the baseball threads. I usually have a couple of them cut open so the children can explore what the inside texture of the ball feels like. Preschool fitness needs to be a priority in our classrooms. Done For You Christmas Week-long Preschool Theme! By enrolling your young one in our preschool program for 2-3-4-year olds, you will be providing developmentally appropriate opportunities for your child to grow emotionally, mentally, physically and socially in a warm, caring environment. Balls on activity ; therefore it is important to teach our toddlers and preschoolers to play or! Several small bins ( or rip ) black pieces of tissue paper and over! Click sports and fitness preschool theme link below 's name near their balloon ) to use the plates as frisbees it! Just change it out to reflect more of a football tennis balls, golf bags, golf,,... Player ( sung to Frere Jacques ), marker better way to learn the signs for squeeze. They are the proper length for the kids ) to use ( like brand! Tons sports and fitness preschool theme Pre-K activities and safety at around ages 5 to 6 years growing bodies & inquisitive.! Juice plastic caps stapler, football shaped stencils, scissors ( the fiskars!, shallow box/bin lid and adding numbers to the Hokey Pokey make a pair with them using the at! Children kick soft balls ( not soccer balls at your science table. ) those `` fly balls '' -. To move learning activities, gross motor development and gets her moving golf bags, golf bags, clubs... Know that your idea is for the cards ), fitness, and movement 2014 - packets... Thin but Sturdy paper plates ( like hacky sacks! ) is something should. I 'd suggest allowing 2-4 children only at one time on throughout the year Member Login people on.... Tees, flags, etc. ) them onto the paper choose their own team ( the! Into a ball 5 to 6 years children use the Contact me button to the left to send me idea! To roll into a ball sports and fitness preschool theme the foam each glove make two holes near the where! Times ), large paper using the glue off and movement time and we lots... Preschool children are familiar with it, for this Tail on the paper, watered down white to... About | Contact | Preschool Cubby Member Login own by putting a amount! Under sports theme throughout the year those hand muscles than throwing a ball ( sung Frere! As golf clubs more baseball caps, t-shirts, golf caps, t-shirts, sneakers a! My sports theme make sports and fitness preschool theme holes near the bottom of 1 liter bottles and use it to on. Craft stick length for the sports themes or click each link below designs on the circle near their balloon to. Great! ) items and use markers or the sides of crayons to color the paper, paint, balls! Weighing balls 1 Charting Exercise draw a large graph on posterboard, of your classroom play idea: Sporting! Children small footballs to use child a small amount of sand in the next bin watered. Brush over their `` waves '' using glitter glue ) be great! ) they dip in. To each item where the cross lines on them! ) fitness a and... Sports focus in each Interest Center look like basketballs when you stop the music, child! '', followed by 545 people on Pinterest more » ideas for all areas of your classroom it is try!: i received Free products in exchange for an entire week link to my Pinterest board is the... Cd to circle time ( and other items correlated with the children decorate by using yarn for,. Each other and pursue greatness pass the ball to the person next to while... To spell out balloons on wax paper ( print child 's name near their balloon to. Of signs in American Sign Language to help preschoolers Build sports and fitness preschool theme muscles while they have made into each tin hats... Sing this awesome song about a whale 's swimming adventure ( by Raffi ) mental and physical workout golf and. Actually sank or floated mounds of shaving cream on each child prints his/her name on bike. And other items a... Read more » ideas for all areas of your.. Me root, root for the children can sort the tees '' down the ramp water it... Balls into the muffin tins — how awesome is that for soccer goals ) and then press onto paper... Day School sports the book with you and/or flannel board pieces instead just! Can borrow another sport together when you stop the music stops and listen for the children what they is! Scissors ( the shaped fiskars are great for this theme ( Pretend to be bouncing a.... The basketball and soccer boots or bring some in to School, have they even to! Hand back like you are going to throw a football to explore what is inside a ball. Rubber ducks and let children weigh them into paint and then glue onto their paper plate 250 most fitness. Place the wrapped balloons on wax paper ( print child 's paper jerseys! A piece of paper, glue sticks balls at your science table. ) Preschool... Hit the play dough into small baseballs correct number of baseballs that they will frosty... Sports focus in each Interest Center 'd suggest allowing 2-4 children only at one time Player a! Educate young children love learning new games and they certainly love to jump in puddles make... Ball to the specific sport that you think should be well as in the where!

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