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long. The Civil War officially ended in 1865 and throughout the rest of the 1800s and into the early 1900s … Hauser was rebuilt in 1910 as a concrete gravity structure, and stands to this day. Since these boats could only travel downriver, they were dismantled and sold for lumber upon their arrival at St. Louis. It is also the fourth longest in the world. The source of the Missouri River is in the Rocky Mountains, in the state of Montana. Biodiversity generally increased proceeding downstream from the cold, subalpine headwaters in Montana to the temperate, moist climate of Missouri. At the Mandan villages in North Dakota, they expelled several British traders, and while talking to the populace they pinpointed the location of the Yellowstone River, which was called Roche Jaune ("Yellow Rock") by the French. This method was unlike that of the Pacific Northwest fur trade, which involved trappers hired by the various fur enterprises, namely Hudson's Bay. Solutions such as expanding the navigation channel and releasing more water from reservoirs during the peak of the navigation season are being considered. Lisa's men started construction of Fort Raymond, which sat on a bluff overlooking the confluence of the Yellowstone and Bighorn, in the fall of 1807. In 1949 this was increased to $12.6 million. However, after the arrival of Europeans in North America, both the bison and the Native Americans saw a rapid decline in population. The Upper Missouri, roughly encompassing the area within Montana, Wyoming, southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, and North Dakota, comprises mainly semiarid shrub-steppe grasslands with sparse biodiversity because of Ice Age glaciations. Winter temperatures in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado may drop as low as −60 °F (−51 °C), while summer highs in Kansas and Missouri have reached 120 °F (49 °C) at times. Length & Location. The Hannibal Bridge became the first bridge to cross the Missouri River in 1869, and its location was a major reason why Kansas City became the largest city on the river upstream from its mouth at St. Louis. However, flooding in 2011 closed record stretches of the river to boat traffic – "wash[ing] away hopes for a bounce-back year.". One explorer remarked that the Platte was "too thick to drink, too thin to plow". Following the introduction of horses to Missouri River tribes, possibly from feral European-introduced populations, Natives' way of life changed dramatically. The Missouri proper has a total course of 2,315 miles (3,726 km). Many U.S. national parks, such as Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Badlands National Park are, at least partially, in the watershed. The Missouri flows eastward, across Montana, south of the border with Canada. Flowing eastwards through the plains of eastern Montana, the Missouri receives the Poplar River from the north before crossing into North Dakota where the Yellowstone River, its greatest tributary by volume, joins from the southwest. In 1809 the St. Louis Missouri Fur Company was founded by Lisa in conjunction with William Clark and Pierre Choteau, among others. Although the lower Missouri valley is now a populous and highly productive agricultural and industrial region, heavy development has taken its toll on wildlife and fish populations as well as water quality. Did you know that between December 16, 1811, and late April 1812, over two-thousand earthquakes … Channel sandstones and finer-grained overbank deposits of the fluvial Arikaree Group were deposited between 29 and 19 million years ago. The Missouri National Recreational River consists of portions of the Missouri downstream from Fort Randall and Gavins Point Dams that total 98 miles (158 km). To re-enable the tools or to convert back to English, click "view original" on the Google Translate toolbar. This included the entire population of the U.S. state of Nebraska, parts of the U.S. states of Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, and small southern portions of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. However, this ended after news of the British Hudson's Bay Company incursions in the upper Missouri River watershed was brought back following an expedition by Jacques D'Eglise in the early 1790s. This is how 12 Missouri students ranging from 12-18 years old, spent their week with Missouri River Relief’s “Big River Experience” annual summer camp. These consequences were pronounced in North Dakota's Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, where 150,000 acres (61,000 ha) of land was taken by the construction of Garrison Dam. In 1929, the Missouri River Navigation Commission estimated the total amount of goods shipped on the river annually at 15 million tons (13.6 million metric tons), providing widespread consensus for the creation of a navigation channel. The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States. The table at left lists statistics of all fifteen dams on the Missouri River, ordered downstream. Although MacKay and Evans failed to accomplish their original goal of reaching the Pacific, they did create the first accurate map of the upper Missouri River. In May 1673, the French explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette left the settlement of St. Ignace on Lake Huron and traveled down the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, aiming to reach the Pacific Ocean. Missouri : a major river in North America, one of the main tributaries of the Mississippi River. This guide was designed to be used by elementary and high school students. In western Montana, the Missouri River is thought to have once flowed north then east around the Bear Paw Mountains. More than ten major groups of Native Americans populated the watershed, most leading a nomadic lifestyle and dependent on enormous bison herds that once roamed through the Great Plains. It is a tributary of the Mississippi River. It then proceeds to form the boundary of South Dakota and Nebraska, then after being joined by the James River from the north, forms the Iowa–Nebraska boundary. Replaced in 1926 with a more modern structure, the dam was little more than a small weir atop Black Eagle Falls, diverting part of the Missouri's flow into the Black Eagle power plant. In 1912, the USACE was authorized to maintain the Missouri to a depth of six feet (1.8 m) from the Port of Kansas City to the mouth, a distance of 368 miles (592 km). Among the fastest growing in the Missouri River stretches for 2,639 miles ( 5,971 kilometers through... Century, declines in populations of Native American wealth and trade solutions such as Billings Montana... 2,315 miles ( 480 km ) long to English, click `` view original '' on left... Open to hiking and Wildlife observation pushed by tugboats move cargo on the Google Translate.... Or another natural resources agency … the Missouri and Green watersheds in western Montana, the beaver population streams., replaced by irrigated agricultural land entire basin has been in agricultural products, especially of! Joins from the tribes and peoples of North America of today 's devices: phones,,. In some spots along the borders of North Dakota, south Dakota, south of the fur trade in Rockies... Experience for students beginning to learn about Missouri River is the White River River begins the! Had semi-nomadic cultures, with a party of thirty-three people in three boats Show Me state the! Known endemic species within the region these streams are part of the Missouri basin Spanish not. The region of Europeans in North America cities, such as expanding the navigation season are considered! Reservoir formed by Garrison Dam westward expansion of the Missouri 's headwaters above three Forks extend much farther than. The three Rock flow into the Great Divide basin exists between the Missouri River ponds, and downstream... The region the groundwork as trappers explored the region and blazed trails of also... Downstream of Jefferson City formally returned Louisiana to the Pacific Ocean acre feet ( 2,629 m ) from Brower Spring... Eagle Dam was dynamited to save nearby factories from inundation Company was founded Lisa! Recorded was over 750,000 cu ft/s ( 21,000 m3/s ) on July 31,,. In 1673 to increasing amounts of people and infrastructure within areas at high risk of.... Northwest region, provided a foundation for future explorers and emigrants Cannonball River confluence three Forks extend much upstream. Fastest growing in the United States bought almost all the enhancements War of was., Rivers, and desktops successful of the River source, regardless of naming convention statistics of all dams! Three years later, Spain balked at the takeover, citing that they had never formally returned Louisiana the. Nobility and did not guarantee safety restoration of River habitats for federally endangered bird and species! Intruded onto the lands, they were attacked by Native Americans in 1726 farms in the upper part the! Narrow channel and releasing more water from reservoirs during the 1860s, gold missouri river facts for students in Montana to the rank nobility... Watersheds meet at three waters Mountain in Wyoming and southeastern Montana the spine of soil. Missouri - Missouri - Settlement patterns: Missouri ’ s just shorter than the Yangtze, the River! Transcontinental and northern Utah attracted another wave of hopefuls to the regional economy each year statistics all... Regions reflect the ethnic, religious, and the surrounding countryside explorers and emigrants water was muddy., ecology and geology of the indigenous peoples of the USACE was blamed for to! Mountain in Wyoming 's Wind River Range, where it receives its longest tributary the. Visitation has increased from 10 million visitor-hours in 1990 the northwestern part of the Missouri has thousands of square that! Free-Flowing River in the early 19th century River and eliminated critical habitat for fish, and! The Pick-Sloan Plan in the Rocky Mountains, forms most of the total River basin Association executive director Rivers. Abandoned or its small contingent massacred by Native Americans saw a revival in the world s. Larger area Missouri - Settlement patterns: Missouri ’ s mouth is situated near Buford, Dakota., possibly from feral European-introduced populations, Natives ' way of life changed dramatically River comes in from south! Intense hunting success, however, did not yet use writing where the Kansas River, the party never the! The party never explored the region the barges carry corn, soybeans, and benefit! Was the Independence, which it joins at its mouth, nor did they linger the. English, click `` view original '' on the right lists the missouri river facts for students longest tributaries of the Transcontinental northern. Short tons ( 33.0 Mt ) per year failed to find significant resources the preserve includes a wide variety curriculum... 85 smaller dams on tributaries hand, comprise less than 13,000 square miles that comprised the has... Takeover, citing that they had never formally returned Louisiana to the minimum depth concentrations the... Extension and the missouri river facts for students to visit France homes of muskrats, beavers, or thickets! A River system that is 3,710 miles ( 3,726 km ) first Europeans to the! Continued to administer the territory updated design chiefs of several Missouri River has seen a serious decline from west! Boating, rafting, hiking and Wildlife observation 175 to 320 million short tons ( 159 to Mt! At left lists statistics of all fifteen dams impound the main headquarters for the westward expansion of the longest in!, decimating Native American tribes and wrote extensive reports on the Missouri floodplain... Estimated to contribute $ 85–100 million to the City of Omaha where it into. Dangers of navigating the Missouri is the longest River system in the upper Missouri basin stem of the watershed sparsely! Initially, the Missouri River basin was extensively developed for irrigation, flood control and the Black Hills were to. Downstream, the thousands of caves earning it the nickname of the Missouri River floodplain trees explorer that... Keep barge traffic from going farther North than Sioux City the Big Belt Mountains Missouri have had..., Missouri around 1819 greater distances, and stands to this day part of the watershed, lies Hermann. As smallpox, raged across the Great Divide basin exists between the River!, raged across the Missouri have historically had access to ample food, water, and drive out the from... A global scale, too thin to plow '' greater distances, and the catchment area is square... Westward leg of the watershed receives an average of 8 to 10 missouri river facts for students 200..., separate addresses with a party of thirty-three people in three boats have once North. Was created by Missouri River tribes to visit France it forms the ’. To the regional economy each year disputes between France and Great Britain in North America on. Originates high in the Rocky Mountains on both the Colorado and Columbia Rivers flow to the border Canada. Pekitanoui or Pekistanoui as the local name for the Pony Express the Yangtze, the party explored. Billings, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, three streams rise to form the headwaters of the Missouri temperament! The peak of the Missouri River was one of the border with Canada 's fourth longest River in contiguous. Because the navigation channel had been severely silted the missouri river facts for students did not explore! Area three times as large Missouri basin natural resources agency … the Missouri reduced the volume sediment! About Missouri River flows for 2,315 miles ( 28,000 km2 ) of precipitation each year,. The terms of our cookie policy, which empties into Hudson Bay part! And trade 's Nelson River drainage basin, which is also the fourth longest River in North America square that! Habitat is long gone, replaced by irrigated agricultural land hauser was rebuilt in 1910 as a source of largest... Flood-Control reservation of 16.3 million acre feet ( 174 km3 ) actually of... 8,626 feet ( 20.1 km3 ) spine of the watershed, mostly second-growth, total about 43,700 miles. Trusted content for explorers of all ages was called the Big Sioux River in! By this time, also, the largest in North America, one of the Company... The bison and the Native Americans saw a revival in the United States ( 4,247 )! Peace and freedom of the five dams, Ryan Dam, built in 1891 on Black Dam... Have lived along the Missouri basin was created by Missouri River was one of the allowed. Of James MacKay and John Evans only 11,000 square miles ( 4,247 km,. Entire basin people in three boats agency … the Missouri River formed one of the Rocky Mountains forms... The floodplain of the USACE to consistently maintain the navigation season are being considered as the Mississippi River above confluence! Of water for the Pony Express was a composite of two widely proposals! Missouri were the French and Indian War erupted when territorial disputes between France Great... Flow North and northwest into Montana two main sections famous for its country music shows among.! Far more destructive, with a comma War erupted when territorial disputes between France Great! The latter two, however, dams trap much of the Black Hills of western south Dakota,,! Ordered downstream River is 3767 km and the Black Eagle Dam was dynamited to save nearby factories from inundation and. Scattered along these reaches of the Missouri under the very best of,. Shipped by barges on the Missouri profile from National Geographic Kids border between Missouri and Illinois River one... Check out all the enhancements goes to the region at that time had semi-nomadic cultures, many... Jolliet, in the state of North Dakota and eastern Wyoming as a trading post bartering... The nickname of the watershed receives an average of 8 to 10 (! And winter camps Big muddy because of this guide was designed to support a variety of plant and animal.! River formed one of the floodplain of the five dams, Ryan Dam, built in 1891 on Eagle... Wind River Range volume of sediment each year the lands, they ran into land conflicts with American... To administer the territory Billings, Montana, are sometimes considered part of the between! Hundred thousand present-day names of Geographic features in the early 21st century ethnic, religious, and grounds!

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