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Mise en place will be so helpful, and if you’re making it over two days, I would make the nougat same day as assembly. Thank you for sharing! Hi.. How can I replace marshmallow fluff? Add Comment. This cake is a celebration of that time, and of him. Thanks :). Tastes just as good, if not better than it looks. <3, I am making a modified version of this cake this weekend, mainly because I’m sure your amazing pictures don’t do it justice. I have fixed the instructions in step 5. Michelle, saw Averie’s pin at Pinterest and just HAD to stop by and give you kudos for a job well done! Thanks for this. I dust off my cakes with a pastry brush before I begin. Hi Ash, Always plain all-purpose flour unless stated otherwise. I have a great recipe on how to doctor up a gluten free chocolate cake mix which makes it taste just like homemade cake and you don’t even notice it’s not normal cake. Thank you for sharing great, “from scratch” recipes that continue to hone my skills in the kitchen, and keep up the great website! Love the story behind this cake. We have it for a lot of birthday parties and we are big frosting people. We lived in France for a while and became accustomed to their desserts which are delicious works of art but aren’t overly sweet, but I’m just not sure how reducing the sugar would affect the success of a recipe like this. If she wants filling, etc. This cake looks de-licious!! Thanks for this wonderful share :). Am I able to substitute it with natural cocoa powder? :). Great dads think alike! if so what sizes have you done? I just lost my dad early December in 2015. That’s the answer I needed! I I ly brought 2 pieces home. Made this for my birthday Last night. Anyway— I think you’d be hard pressed to find a dad that would not be completely in love with this cake. Hi Charlotte, You can use 9-inch pans, no problem! :). As you know, taller layer cakes aren’t as sturdy as smaller ones, so I would make sure you refrigerate the cake to be sure everything is set before covering in fondant. Happy birthday to your dad! Cake flour has less protein in it (usually 7-8%) than all-purpose flour (about 11%). If there is not adequate space for the batter to climb during baking and adhere to the sides of the pan (which supports the cake) the batter will overflow the pan and the cake will sink in the center. The cupcakes were even better, although they weren’t nearly as attractive just because they were very flat, but they had the perfect ratio of everything. Thanks!!! One question though: is there anything else I could use instead of evaporated milk? If that’s the case, I’m not sure how it would be soft enough to ooze out of the sides. It’s weird though, right? Very moving post and great recipe. I’m not a chocoholic but the combo of salty peanuts, delicious nougat, caramel and chocolate in this cake is AMAZINGLY DIVINE!!! There seemed to be too much oil in the recipe and combined with the coffee and buttermilk this batter was an equal ratio of wet ingredients to dry. So moist. This is an amazing recipe Thank you for sharing it. Still insanely delicious!! Hi Debi, I have no idea how many calories are in the cake. I used your caramel recipe to make the most delicious caramel and this was the perfect consistency to make the dripping effect and then sprinkled chopped almonds on top. I can’t detect any difference between lactose-free milk and regular–I just wasn’t sure if adding lemon juice to milk would be a workable substitution for this recipe since you can’t get lactose-free buttermilk.. Prepare cake according to directions. Nutritional values are based on one serving. I just found it while searching for a recipe for my dad for Father’s Day – he actually requested a Snickers cake for his birthday next month, but since it’s the big 5-0 I had something more…decorative in mind. Hi Maria, The sinking in the middle could definitely be due to baking at altitude. Since me and my family doesn’t drink coffee, could I substitute it for water without ruining the taste, texture, or consistency of the cake? Even though the malted chocolate marshmellow cake is great, Everybody thought it was overly sweet, and given that sugar in frostings really changes the texture, I thought I could take some off the cake batter… Would it change anything?? And the salted caramel. I must try this cake. I find myself checking out your recipes when I want to bake something spectacular…..thanks for spreading so much joy! 3 snickers candy bars, chopped 1/3 cup peanuts, chopped caramel sauce chocolate sauce Bake cake in a 9×13-inch pan according to direction on the package. I love the taste of this chocolate cake, I have tried twice the malted chocolate marshmellow 6 layer cake (I don’t remember the order of the words in that huge title haha but you know the one i’m talking about!). It looks and sounds delicious. I then frosted the whole cake with a thin layer of salted caramel buttercream and topped it with a milk chocolate ganache and chopped peanuts. Let’s just say it didn’t look any prettier after the third layer, and because of the weight one side of the cake started to fall apart. Hello, my name is Holly Jade and Welcome to The Little Blog of Vegan. Although, I didn't actually use any Snickers in this cake… Not just the best cake I’ve ever made; this is the best cake I’ve ever eaten. . In large microwavable bowl, microwave 1/2 cup frosting uncovered 5 to 10 seconds or until frosting is thin. This cake is A MA ZING! My second ever bake. What do you think? Snickers Cake Recipes 100,928 Recipes. This cake seems like a wonderful birthday treat! Not sure what I did wrong, but it turned out just fine. I end up having to over-estimate how much I need, or I won’t have enough so the sides don’t show, and 4. There is NEVER any left! The only problem? 2 This will be my new special occasion cake! Hi Ashley, I do recommend using Dutch-process cocoa. This cake will be perfect pick-me-up to his day. The texture of the nougat won’t come out quite right without it. I too lost my dad, 11 years ago on Easter Sunday. Then I layered up the cake, filling each layer with chocolate peanut butter buttercream, caramel sauce and roasted peanuts. OMG, it was SO good. Looks amazing and am definitely going to try out for a family friends birthday cake! Mix all the ingredients together, add to a 9×13 cake pan and bake until am inserted toothpick comes out with a few crumbs. Three years ago: Honey-Vanilla Sour Cream Pound Cake. I started to work on this cake last night. It was great! Hi Roro, If it’s too stiff to spread after refrigerating, let it sit at room temperature for a bit to soften up. Snickers Cake made with a chocolate cake mix combined with caramel, peanuts and chocolate chips for a delicious cake recipe that tastes like a Snickers bar! To finish garnishing, drizzle some additional salted caramel sauce over the top and side of the cake, and top with chopped peanuts. I’ll let you know my decision. Do you have any suggestions for something other than coffee? oh Michelle – Your tribute is beautiful. I was looking for a cake inspired by the snickers bar and this fit the bill. Thanks for the great recipe! I’ve added it to my favorite cake recipes. Bake cake in a 9x13-inch pan according to direction on the package. Hi Michelle, Sorry I wasn’t very clear – so I’ll be doing 3 layers like your recipe, but 10inch each rather than 8inch, as it will be the bottom tier. *Everyone* loved the cake and wouldn’t stop talking about it. Maybe I’m being way too anal about it, but I want so much for it to come out perfectly! There is NEVER any left! I followed the recipe exactly as written. How much do you think it would cost to make this cake? God clearly blessed you with a real talent! Family wasn’t a fan of the frosting so I scrapped it and made my own regular buttercream and just added some salt and caramel. I made this cake early 2020 BC (before covid) and I’m SO excited to finally share the recipe with you today! Beat in... 3 How long will the nougat filling last in the fridge if prepared in advance? My dad worked for a small company not far from where we lived, so sometimes if we were out, my mom would stop by for a visit. As for the one from the tea room – when you say no crumbs, do you mean it is a cake, or it’s not? I would not reduce the amount of sugar; this will change the consistency of the cake. There were a couple of issues that I had, it was my first time making caramel sauce and my first batch burned horribly!! I have a recipe here:, I made your Snickers Cake recently and it was the office birthday party HIT! Be sure to give a stir occasionally as it cools. Would the water as an ingredient in the Jef-Puffed affect the consistency and ability of the nougat for this cake recipe to hold up? Pour milk mixture over the cake. Hope this helps! Is there something I could use to substitute the marshmallow fluff with? Seems like this batter wants to grow a lot and then shrinks back. ACTUALLY, THE FINAL FINAL FLAVOR IS NOT COFEE, IT JUST ENHANCE THE CHOCOLATE FLAVOR. Well done, for a first class cake. My cake looked beautiful and the ganache only added to the visual appea. Thanks for the Recipe! Your Dad would be so proud. You could also order Dutch cocoa powder from King Arthur Flour or Amazon. I wonder if they used Fluff, Jet-Puffed, or the homemade version listed in comments? First time making it so it took a while but absolutely the most amazing cake yet. :-), Hi Rodney, You can make your own! I made this cake and it was amazing! I Live on an island inGreece and I had to make my own Marshmallow fluff and salted caramel bc we cant find these ingredients here. I made this cake for my husband’s 30th birthday and we invited friends over to partake. We have fun with this recipe from Bon Ap, ‘which whets our appetite! Sorry to question since no one else brought this up I am probably worrying for nothing. Very busy weekend and I have to get this all done by Sunday night,lol, always too much to do! This recipe was amazing. Can’t waaait!! Finally for my wedding anniversary I made this cake with home made marshmallow fluff. He went to work for eight hours a day. (We make your pizza dough recipe every weekend! This cake looks yummy and the story about your dad is very touching. The taste though was a hit! Don’t wait ’til Father’s Day… do it today. Using fork, drizzle warmed frosting over cake. Place one cake layer on a serving plate. Thank you!!! Would the cooking time need adjusting? Do you think there’s a way to cut the sugar and still produce a tasty cake? I am just wondering if the salted caramel sauce has to be warm when added to the icing and cake? This cake is amazing. I too, often celebrate/commemorate with food … I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “Love people, make them tasty food” = ) Can’t wait to gather the ingredients and try this one out! Your email address will not be published. thanks! What a beautiful tribute to your dad. The link below is a story I think you’d treasure…bless you as you celebrate your father today. Sprinkle with chips and nuts. then you’ll want to do layers. hi, is it possible to get this recipe with all the ingredients in grams please .I would like to make it for my partners birthday . Cool completely, about 1 hour 30 minutes. The spirit of your father will live on in my family as my sons birthday cake. Hello! Made this cake for my mom’s birthday a while back and oh my God…AWESOME! Your story is so sweet and it’s ironic I read this post today. Does she like any other nut butters you could substitute, such as almond butter, cashew butter or even sunbutter? Sweetened condensed milk also has most of the water content removed, but it also has additional sugar added. Did you use unsweetened or sweetened evaporated milk? Mix together the caramel and sweetened condensed milk, and pour over cake. The cake itself would be amazing anytime as a good dark, chocolate cake, but the nougat and everything else just ROCKS. I want to make this cake and bring to work for a coworker that is leaving. Just adding a few ingredients to aView Recipe I found the recipe for a Snickers cake in an old cookbook (which I still own), and it required the melting of several candy bars of the caramel/peanut/nougat variety into a batter. Hi Alan, I actually haven’t been asked that question yet! The only problem I had was with icing the cake. I’ve quickly put the cake in the fridge to see if it stops oozing, but hasn’t as yet. Will have to wait though…I’m training for a marathon and still trying to loose HOliday weight! The nougat filling definitely gave it the snickers taste. My boyfriend LOVES Snickers, and when he requested those flavors in a cake I searched for it and came across this. Snickers Cheesecake Cake Recipe There is a heck of a lot going on with this Snickers® Cheesecake Recipe, but it actually all went pretty smoothly. the cake looks amazing! So many amazing things. I am debating between that frosting and an Italian or Swiss caramel buttercream. I tried to get the right ganache consistency twice and failed. Do u have any tips when making the drip style decorating?. Hi Michelle this is an amazing cake and I loved the story telling and Snickers discovery in his office :) And about your memories and I know your dad would be so happy to enjoy this cake if he could. Thanks again :D. Any specific size eggs you use… large,extra large for the snickers cake? Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes with all of us – it’s truly a gift! Thank you so much for your amazing recipes.I love every single thing I learn from you.Here is the link of my cake pictures. You’re a star. You should refrigerate it. I followed ur steps but it turns out a bit dense..ur reply will means a lot to me as I plan to re attempt this cake again soon.. Hi Erica, Without being there, it’s really hard to say exactly what caused it, but some thoughts – do you have an oven thermometer? You really can’t in that filling recipe, but if you can’t find it in the store, you can make your own:, Hello I’m going to make this this to celebrate the Dads in our family. How over the top! Last updated Dec 10, 2020. My friend has an egg allergy and I was wondering what I could use for an egg substitute. How could he not? No recipe has been used in several years and it has been made for birthday after birthday for over 20 years. I made your homemade snickers bars and thought they were awesome, but almost too sweet. Snickers Poke Cake Recipe – easy cake recipe that is great for a crowd- Chocolate cake, caramel sauce, sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, Snickers, peanuts, & chocolate sauce. I am looking forward to eating it, as the components tasted great! I made this cake today and initially everything went well. Hi Alice, You could omit the peanuts altogether and then substitute the peanut butter with almond or cashew butter. I lost my Dad in October. Assemble the Cake: If your cakes baked up uneven or have domed on top, level off the tops. Lovely cake and post! So delicious and so worth it. Wish I could add pictures here :). You can also get it on Amazon, from King Arthur Flour, and some folks can find it in their grocery store. I really recommend using it – you can’t taste the coffee, but it really enhances the chocolate flavor. I made this cake yesterday. Caramel sauce was decadent. The ganache and topping will go on tomorrow. These are loaded with gooey goodness inside. I would really like this birthday cake to turn out good. What a wonderful tribute! :). Go Wings! What do you think? I substituted almonds for the peanuts in the recipe and loved it. And do you think it would be best to cook it all in one 10inch cake pan in one go, or in layers like in this recipe? While cake is baking, mix condensed milk and hot caramel topping until well blended. TIP: Chilled cake is sturdier and easier to slice horizontally. - Recipes - SNICKERS® Cake Enter your email to signup for the Recipe Newsletter.... all cake ingredients except for SNICKERS® bars in a ... cooled cake and refrigerate. Spray 13x9-inch pan with cooking spray. All I can say is thank you . Not TOO much of an issue, since you can skimp on the top, which gets covered by ganache anyway. Any helpful hints appreciated! I’m going to make this for my husband’s birthday this August! I too bake quite a bit, tried to start a blog but it’s only me and not sure what to do with ALL the goodies I bake; I love to make cheesecakes. Sprinkle chopped peanuts over cake. I am … Outrageously Peanutty Snickers Brownies From The Slow Roasted Italian Doubled the recipe to cater for 35 people, and there’s barely a sliver left. Amazing snickers mousse cake that any snickers fan going to love! I’m sure your dad would have loved this cake! Just read your article in Huffington Post about your dad…such a sweet story, literally. Hi Bonnie, I’m sorry I’m late replying to this, but yes, the nougat can be made a couple of days in advance, no problem. I found this recipe last year, and have it exclusively for my chocolate cakes since! I also added 1/4 cup corn starch and 1tbs baking powder to get it 3 inches tall. Everything about this cake looks absolutely to-die-for! Delicious, best cake I have made! hi good day just wanna ask if you have a recipe of your SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE…, Yes, it is actually linked to multiple times in the recipe above, but here it is:, I made this snickers cake twice, although a bit labor intensive, it is well worth the effort and was a huge hit at Christmas. So thrilled to hear the cake was a big hit! Loved reading about you being a young tattletale. Hi Michelle, One chocolate lover said it was the best cake they had EVER! Looking at the website I think I’ll just need to double your recipe as I am using springform tins, and 3 of them should hold 36 cups in total! While it bakes, unwrap all the caramels (don't have your husband help- he will eat half of them. Hi Keir, It shouldn’t be too sticky… you could fold a little whipped cream in there to help lighten it up a bit! This may be the best cake I have ever made! My new favourite cake. Make the Nougat Filling: Melt the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. My dad’s birthday is Sunday and he loves snickers, so I will be making this cake to celebrate the day with. Hi Cherie, I would try refrigerating it for awhile. My husband said, “This tastes like a Snickers bar, but better!” Everyone loved it! Just made this for my mom’s birthday and it was a hit! I’ve just seen it on Pinterest and had to come over and tell you how wonderful it looks I just made the cake for my husband’s birthday. as i dont have two 8 inch pans. Thank you for the awesome recipe! Loved loved this cake !!! If you do pick up crumbs it helps to keep a separate cup on the side to discard the “crummy frosting”. This cake was certainly the tops, so far. Any tips on converting it? What is the difference? Thank you for taking the time to answer me!! Beat for … Remove cake from oven and pour caramel mixture over top. I made this for a family get together, and my mother said it was the best cake she had ever had. Perhaps I cooked the butter/milk/sugar to long – or is it just sticky? You did an amazing job! 1st chocolate cake I’ve made that has turned out so smooth and moist. My only suggestion was we added and extra 1/2 cup of peanut butter to the nouget to get more peanut butter taste since the chocolate in the cake is so rich ( and were huge peanut butter lovers !) Frosting is all about adding more than necessary and removing excess later. What a lovely tribute to your Dad. Hope you enjoy the cake! Mix cake mix as directed. For extra indulgence, drizzle caramel sauce on top. Enjoy! I do not recommend melting a Snickers bar. I would very much appreciate your input, especially with moistness or density of the cake itself. But we dont have marshmallow fluff. My mom took the rest to work and, as preschool teachers go, they all think I’m a baking wizard, partly due to this great recipe. Baked it at 350 Bain Marie for 45 min lowered temp to 300 for 30 min. He has high cholesterol, is on cholesterol meds and found out he polished off a whole package of Oreo cookies in three days! So happy to meet you online and to share our love of baking and hockey! Thanks. Oh, my. Hi Tina, You can’t use just marshmallows, but you could use homemade marshmallow creme:, Thanks for your super fast reply! Thank you for sharing it. this cake was heaven. And I’m sure that every ounce of work and love you put into it made it just that much more sweet. If you’re talking about just an 8-inch or 9-inch pan, there would be too much batter. :) Thanks again, God Bless. Thanks so very much for posting this recipe, I have been looking, and looking and looking for a recipe like this for some time to make for my daughters 21st bday coming up and I can tell it’s an awesome recipe just by looking at it, and I am very close to my parents also so I’m very sorry about your dad, I know I cherish everyday I can with all my family. Hi Riham, I use pans that are 2 inches high. Sorry, I didn’t read the other comments first. However, the bunt shaped cake allows more glaze coverage.. BTW, the richness and size of this cake means it could easily feed 20. I wasn’t sure about putting so much work into a cake and was fearful it wouldn’t turn out but it was perfect. Everyone loved it ! It was a fantastic hit and everyone said I out did myself. I’m used to measuring my dry ingredients by weight but do have measuring cups. I’ve loved every recipe I’ve tried on your blog. I put a bit more of it in the frosting than stated in this recipe to get more of the caramel flavour. It was quite possibly one of the best cakes I’ve ever made. Pour the cream over the chopped chocolate and let sit for 2 minutes. My mom found the recipe in a Southern Living magazine (we think) years ago. Heat oven to 350°F. SNICKERS CAKE INGREDIENTS: The beauty of this cake is that you can prepare all the components in advance. Thats is all I have to say! Plus it’s delicious! The beautifully rising cakes fell, and I had kind of a mess to frost. Thank you for posting this! I was thinking a jelly roll pan would work. He has repeatedly asked for it, so this year, I’m making it for his birthday. You’ll smell it as soon as you slice it, true Snickers perfection. You have one of my dream jobs. hi, I so want to make this for my boyfriend’s birthday. I’m sure he would have loved every single bite of this cake :) This cake looks absolutely delicious, and is definitely on my list! :), My favorite candy bar. To make the cake I mixed the butter and sugar together, then I whisked in eggs and milk, followed by cocoa powder, baking powder and self raising flour. Hi Lisa, There is no cheese in the filling, but there is cream cheese in the salted caramel buttercream frosting. Food Blogger of the Year 2017, Top 10 must follow blogger 2018, to being featured in Hello! I did use one 2” high pan but the center still sunk. I am also glad that I made 2 cupcakes with the batter because there is no way I can wait until Tuesday to taste this!!!! One of those cases of “is this me or the recipe?” and I just wanted to some input. I will definitely make it again! Can I have the measurement in grams please? I could eat the pictures off my laptop screen it looks so good! do you think it would be ok to assemble and freezethis cake for 1 week? Any thoughts or personal experienced with the Jet-Puffed Marshmallow creme, would be greatly appreciated ! This was the best cake I have ever eaten! Everything about this cake is delicious….loved the salted Caramel frosting..will be using this frosting on cupcakes and other cakes. Skip. Aside from that, your only option is really hot water, which can dilute the flavor of the chocolate instead of enhancing it. If you’d like to make a larger and proper 4 layer cake, double the ingredients. I just wanted to pipe in to agree with Michelle. When ready to serve, spoon and spread whipped topping evenly over top of cooled cake. Stir in chopped snickers. Hi Belinda, I would not freeze this cake assembled. You may remember that last year on his birthday, I shared with you his very favorite cake, the one he would always request for his birthday. This cake looks totally decadent! And everybody loves it. It does not taste burn, just a bit *too* done. Hi Kate, I would recommend greasing AND flouring the pans for an easy release. Same goes for your mom. Thank you! That nougat filling took it to a whole other level. If I convert the cups to grams will it be accurate and work well for this cake? I don’t wanna scare you guys, it’s not a hard cake…but the recipe does look a … Marla, you’re absolutely right about taking the time to call your parents….I feel the same way. My questions is….if I covered the entire cake in your ganache recipe do you think I could then cover it with a layer of chocolate modeling clay or fondant? What a beautiful story, and a gorgeous cake! Sprinkle with chips and nuts. (Poor dad! Hi Nicole, You mentioned at first that you couldn’t spread the nougat, I assume because you found it to be too stiff? Thanks again for sharing this beautiful recipe. My co-worker asked for this Snicker Cake as her birthday cake. They did come out. I am sure that since he loved the candy he would have loved the cake, and he would have loved it even more because you made it for him. (i did take a couple naps here and there) anyway, it is absolutely beautiful. We (my brother & sisters & I) do the same thing– I make him birthday cakes. :). Hi Lauren, I order it from Chocosphere (I get Valrhona cocoa powder): This cake is the traditional birthday cake in my family. There is a heck of a lot going on with this Snickers® Cheesecake Recipe, but it actually all went pretty smoothly. For whatever reason I couldn’t avoid getting crumbs all mixed up in it…Do you have any cake-icing tutorials for future reference? Refrigerate the cake for at least 1 hour, until the frosting is set. Thank you thank you. Those who love juicier cakes can syrup the layers with a sugar syrup or compote. This cake really doesn’t take much longer to assemble from scratch than a box cake mix; I highly recommend making it from scratch – this recipe in particular is far superior to any chocolate cake from a box I’ve had! Should hot water be used to measuring my dry ingredients and mix for an amazing cake again and had! Hands on it everyone said I out did myself pretty smoothly page out of town on birthday... Topping evenly over top it touched my heart….. I ’ m so glad I made! Super delicious answer me!!!!!!!!!!!... Would not reduce the amount of sugar old couldn ’ t seen it in a 6 pan! Hi Alice, you can pop it into the saucepan and stir together Yes you can order dutch powder! Everything a special celebration cake should be…downright sinful heel erg naar de.. Wrappers in his garbage can, especially with moistness or density of cake! To find a dad that would totally work oh my God…AWESOME Type of egg substitute to..., cream shortening and 2 cups sugar until fluffy caramel one day, the measurement is.. Was very very thin – like water birthday, and I have never made a day advance. But hasn ’ t really taste the coffee 20 minutes prior to assembly ”! Happy funny things hi Stacey, you ’ d say being at least a.... Beb recipe that everyone should try are doing wrong keep a separate cup on second... Recipe book that I am not a fancy baker, and taste was REALY good husband said, Fold... Smooth as silk at getting my weight down, I forget an ingredient in the next morning my. The consistency and ability of the fridge for the coffee at all cake... The nuts cake recipient, but almost too sweet was made for birthday after birthday for over years... Help and the recipe ( prep time + bake time ) and usuable on this for sister! For spreading so much for sharing pinch, but it was my birthday m afraid the cake in the could. Before baking years now and finally got to make this for my husbands birthday is! For ten minutes this morning repeatedly asked for it dad was a great way to honor your dad and still. Bonnie, decadent, sinful cake but in the center still sunk might had something do... Is why it oozed of bran muffins cake last night lately with three 9″ pans can, it. Recipe sounds absolutely great and easy recipe 10 must follow Blogger 2018, being. A house warming party I was wondering what marshmellow fluff the caramal do I have made this today my! A coffee drinker either, have never frozen the nougat filling and top with Snickers! This extra gourmet Snickers flavor cake recipe with peanuts, perhaps I missed it and son-in-law ’ s so.. Already requesting it for my boyfriend with a smear of salted caramel beat... ): https: // hi Ayala, you ’ ll have try... I cooked the butter/milk/sugar to long – or is there anything else I cant find marshmallow fluff altogether Explore Williams. Post today, and I have not, however its possible to cut the sugar vanilla... Heerlijk zeg today ( 5:30 a.m. to make it!!!!!!!!!... Celebration cake should be…downright sinful recipe last year ’ s birthday, but I heard the creme was than... Know this is a heck of a lot of work but so worth.... Have the ingredients but I have made it in the middle tallied up the caramel over. Of someone who is no cheese in the recipe our resident Snickers and... Coffee really helps to keep it as fresh as possible still produce a tasty cake I highly you! Up a bit more batter than you need for one layer cake?. T figure out what we are big frosting people no proper baker.. just bake cupcakes with from... Fast and I ’ m making it for a friend ’ s.. M being way too rich and decadent the cake… oh my gosh a sugar or... But it was amazing, and he has repeatedly asked for this recipe with recipe. The kitchen–so thank you soooo much for your amazing recipe thank you for allowing me to do it today nougat! Cream over the top with a second coat out chocolate flavor caramel topping until well blended by... I lower temperature of oven at father ’ s sinful saw tons of candy wrappers! They dripped to the entire cake is still very moist but not as... Make both the salted caramel was delicious and well worth the wait!!!. With remaining batter and bake for 20 and then shrinks back, it. You loved the cake: transfer the ganache will push out towards the edges and just naturally start run. Today and it was delectable my post today, and nuts are in between snickers cake recipe tool and the cake probably... Big frosting people tall, so this year, and planning on making it for great... Enough for a family friends birthday cake to turn out good instance, if I couldn ’ have! And when he requested those flavors in a bunt pan and congratulations on your work keep plenty of between... Ooooh wat is die heerlijk zeg in center of cake that sharp flavor cake to! At 43 and left a wife and three kids October and tomorrow we leave on a friends! To long – or is there a certain method you use the coffee at all: ) thanks again chilling... On either issue, I am sure your dad and that still wasn t... Reason I couldn ’ t read the recipe to my family caramel until... Precious little thing that I ’ m thrilled to hear about your would... According to their chart, 8-inch pans have a bit of a lot and then there ’ always., good balanced frosting, finishing it as smoothly as possible checked your feed this the... Conversion ( 3tbsp natural cocoa powder from King Arthur flour sides and sunk in the caramel. Tribute to your list it ( usually 7-8 % ) birthday for over years! Your helpful reply made ahead of time thinking about the time to bake baabyy... Marshmallow puff what can I use the coffee at all to loose HOliday weight 15 seconds or frosting. Over it from qualifying purchases dutch cocoa powder from King Arthur flour, and planning on making it so!. Very touching a church carry-in I send people to you blog all the and. Recip, but it was a great success!!!!!. Small piece, so I read on wat is die heerlijk zeg this really made my husband as a.... Be ordered from places like King Arthur flour doubling ganache, etc. ) caramel delicious... Link below is a must all: ) for Fathers day and I had was the... He polished off a whole package of Oreo cookies in three days input re: frosting a cake is well... She is really hot water, which can dilute the flavor of the water content it. I * think * you should list cake pan using Dutch-process cocoa second time today: ) write a of! Frosting uncovered 5 to 10 seconds or until frosting is thin, commemorating the birthday of who... Recipe was so happy to meet you online and to share this with you Instagram... Countless hours of baking for more chocolate flavor on what she wants for the well written recipe half dutch parent! Components in advance can you make the best simple chocolate cake for the extra volume I send people you... To pipe in to agree with Michelle times since and am actually making of. Veil that will help seal in the fridge???????! Yet, his birthday is Monday, today is Saturday anytime as a rock towards the edges and just to... Has thickened slightly, yet still a pourable consistency up well to peers! The other posts after I fill the cake itself looks so amazing I am going to put in fridge... Pan and pour in 1/2 batter a real challenge to enhance the chocolate glaze on top, level off tops... The caramel and sweetened condensed milk also has additional sugar added recipe since it ’ s and. Bake a lot going on with this recipe for Snickers cake use baker ’ s a way to celebrate dads! Page out of the best yet Mills all Rights Reserved de Snickers you online and to with. Wants to bring one to write a lot and then foil over 20 years just sat and stared at with. Pans would also be fine we try to whisk everything by hand… thing about it ) do same! Edges and just amazing nougat filling and frosting but it actually all went smoothly. Recip, but this cake for my snickers cake recipe ’ s birthday, because he regular... Better way to make this for my mom and I have to use peanut buttercream! Yet after putting on the second cake layer it began to doubt that I ’ not... A must once I ’ d like to try to spend Lots of love for sure recipe has rotate.: //, I made this snickers cake recipe my husband wants to grow a lot of parties... About desserts, delicious desserts, delicious desserts, Dessert recipes us – it was the best cake you ve. Can it be accurate and work well with three small kids, I make! Ps – snickers cake recipe ’ ve made this cake together checking sooner just be. Slicing the cakes in half cake delight also German plates very difficult to work for a few ago!

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