spillers records record store day

Join us from 6pm on Thursday 5th March at Spillers Records for the official reveal of the full list of titles which will be available for Record Store Day 2020. Spillers (Cardiff) No list would be complete without Spillers, the oldest record shop in the world, no less. The annual Record Store Day is a big deal for Diverse, but Saturdays are always a draw as the store … Location: 27 Morgan Arcade Cardiff CF10 1AF. Spillers Records. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. Amazingly, the Oldest shop selling records is Spillers Records in Cardiff, UK which has been in business since 1894. Well, now Spillers is bloody hard to find. That's an exaggeration. Spillers is wonderful. This is a great store for new vinyl and there are some bargains to be found here. Record Store Day heralds a rise in vinyl sales and one of the reasons Spillers, the world’s oldest record store – founded in 1894, has produced a limited run of turntables. Originally located in the original Queens Arcade, Spiller sold recordings on wax cylinders, examples of which are still in the store today, as well as gramophones and various musical instruments. Spillers Records. Cardiff's Spillers Records is the great-granddaddy of them all - famously known as the oldest record store in the world, founded in 1894 when sheet music was the prevailing format. Two big moves later, from the Queen's Arcade and then The Hayes, the store is now in its second address within The Morgan Arcade, selling everything from metal to spoken word. “Independent record stores are proven to be important to the community in my opinion, they’re places where people can share their passion” Ashli Todd owner at Spillers Records Cardiff. Thanks to events like Record Store Day, shops like ours are synonymous with people’s emotions and feelings. SpillersRecords New Release 7.8.20 <

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