UCLA Student Media publishes:

UCLA lifestyle site, magazine and yearbook | Established in 1919

The BruinLife yearbook is the most historical, all-inclusive (and second-largest) publication on campus. We strive to give the UCLA campus, an accurate reflection of the school year thru photos and stories about your every day Bruin.

UCLA Newspaper | Established in 1919

The Daily Bruin has been the campus newspaper since the university’s founding in 1919.  It covers and serves the campus and the UCLA community with news, information and a forum for the expression of ideas.

UCLA’s Official Radio Station | Established in 1963

Student-run radio at UCLA began in the basement of the Dykstra Hall dormitory on UCLA’s campus as KBRU in 1964. ASUCLA quickly took control of the station and moved it to the back of Ackerman Grand Ballroom in Ackerman Union – into a room that had previously been used as a record-listening lounge for students. For a short time, the station broadcast solely through cable radio, until its website KLAradio.com was launched in 1999 featuring a SHOUTcast stream. The URL was switched to UCLAradio.com in 2000.

Muslim Newsmagazine | Established in 1990

Al-Talib provides an independent perspective on issues important to Muslim communities. Targeting a college-age audience, we seek to create an outlet for activism on and off campus, a platform for representation of all facets of the Muslim-American communities and a safe space for sensitive topics. We believe that this sort of dialogue, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times, is necessary in order for our community to appreciate and celebrate its diversity.

Feminist Newsmagazine | Established in 1974

FEM, UCLA’s feminist newsmagazine, is dedicated to the empowerment of all women, the promotion of human rights, the recognition of gender diversity, and the application of intersectional feminism. FEM celebrates women’s right to equality in all aspects of life and appeals to an audience that believes feminist ideology is still necessary to defeat sexism. The purpose of FEM is to enlighten our audience with information and personal accounts that may be rejected or ignored within mainstream media.

“UCLA doesn’t have a journalism school. It was through working at Student Media that I was able to gain an insight into working in the publishing world.”

UCLA’s Jewish Newsmagazine | Established in 1972

Ha’Am has been the official student-run Jewish newsmagazine at UCLA since 1972. We cater to a mainly college-age audience, with the distinct goal of uniting diverse Jewish communities through intelligent debate, maintaining the Talmudic tradition that has sustained our people throughout the millennia. We seek the unique Jewish voice in age-old arguments and perspectives, highlighting what makes the Jews of today exceptional through our articles, personality profiles, and pro-con discussions. We celebrate the intersections of religious and secular life that exist within each Jewish student and writer. This isn’t your grandmother’s Judaism — this is Ha’Am today.

UCLA’s Latino Newsmagazine | Established in 1971

La Gente Newsmagazine has provided news and opinion of the minority from UCLA since 1971. With the rise of technology, LaGente.org seeks to be more accessible to every-day users, yet still maintain the long-standing tradition of providing a space for community expression. We still want expose the unheard and unseen but this involves YOU, so we invite your opinions and blog entries. Our goal is to provide a local guide to life in Los Angeles for pop culture, music, events and news for the underrepresented.

UCLA’s Afrikan Newsmagazine | Established in 1969

NOMMO Newsmagazine is designed to appeal to those who have an interest in all aspects of community organizing affecting change in education, arts, and social issues that positively or negatively affect members of the Afrikan descent community.
Through news, opinions, investigative pieces, and compelling interviews NOMMO will narrate the many issues that Afrikan people experience daily.  NOMMO seeks to empower the reader by highlighting connections and bridging gaps between the diverse Afrikan community.  While also encouraging active participation in the quest to better understand how we as a community fit overall in the scheme of social justice and equality.

UCLA’s Queer Newsmagazine | Established in 1979

OutWrite focuses on the issues of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, fluid, questioning and other queer identities, by those of the queer community.

OutWrite, originally known as TenPercent, was established in 1979, becoming the first queer newsmagazine in the country.

Asian American Newsmagazine | Established in 1977

Pacific Ties is the oldest student-run Asian and Pacific Islander newsmagazine in the nation. Since 1977, Pacific Ties has brought the community news, analysis, commentary, criticism, and insight into the API community.

Through a dynamic combination of coverage ranging from campus issues and local news to politics, arts and entertainment to cultural awareness, Pacific Ties creates an on-going dialogue that offers insight into the dynamics of being an API in America. Pacific Ties serves to challenge the perceptions of API identity as well as to celebrate the achievements of the communities we all have ties to.

Professor/Apartment/Class Review Website | Established in 1998

Bruinwalk.com is a website operated by Student Media UCLA that features UCLA professor reviews, used book trading and reviews of apartments near UCLA’s Westwood campus. The site also features a campus calendar and is currently building a database of information and media about the people and entities that make up the UCLA community.

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